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    Sunday question...while admissions office closed.

    Instruction sheet clear. We are set.
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    Sunday question...while admissions office closed.

    copy of birth certificate ... does that indicate COPY as in copier or COPY as in official, state issued. Forums for other academies and ROTC.. many answers..
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    And, 2-4-2023... BFE arrives. Impressive mailing. Signed and accepted So, two months from medical/eye exam to BFE.
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    How Many Times Did You Have to Apply Until Admitted?

    Great questions for his admissions officer. They are more than welcoming. Luckily son as "one and done" EA and just got his BFE... signed and sent back. His did AIM and CGA was his top and only choice. Good luck...
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    1-26-2023 LOG IN.. and CLEARED. Will let his admissions officer know AND accept ASAP. 12-4-2022 Submitted Physical and Eye tests. 1-26-2023 web site updated. .and cleared!@ Go Bears!
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    status check email to DoDERB and response within 3 days. In process.. was the answer. December 4, 2022 Physical and Eyes done. Both providers shared cleared.....but I get needs the requisite review. Conditionally admitted.
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    I posted in the DoDMERB group, but seems that many awaiting the next steps. Many conditional acceptances ... so all in this same spot? What now? Physical and Eye exam were 12/4. For those with appointment, what was your time frame?? For those waiting..when did you complete physical/eye...
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    DoDMERB posted

    Any December updates? Physical and eye tests done -- and uploaded per contracted providers. Two weeks a norm? Am I kidding myself?
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    DoDMERB posted

    Your student triggers the process.
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    Electric Razor at CGA?

    are electric razors used and permitted at CGA? Need to return a Christmas present--if not. Any other traditional college student kids to avoid for CGA?
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    Electric Razon

    Can male students have electric razor at CGA? Hate to give for Christmas..if not usable.
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    Web site status 12/22/22

    anyone hitting down? Email for update? Admission's officer contact? just wait?
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    How can I stand out more on an application

    If you can do AIM....attend an admission's event..if one local.....each sold my kid 100%.
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    Time for academies to get result?

    Anyone know their turnaround on their academy getting their DoDMERB result? I get there were issues...... 2, 5, 7 weeks from physical?
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    Maryland DoDMERBs

    heads up.. call for an appointment even if it says walk-in.
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    Read loan amount for planners please

    Found the info.. seems other threads had more info. Thanks
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    How Does the Loan Work?

    any estimate of total cost?
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    Read loan amount for planners please

    Thanks. Should have been REAL, not READ. Many posts of using 529/Coverdales instead of loan (and I get only accountant/tax lawyer can give answer on that), but my goal was to see what the total may have been for average cadet ..for planning. If one skips the loan, what was the total cost for...
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    Read loan amount for planners please

    Doing some planning from 529/Coverdale accounts and wonder if anyone can share the full expense/loan amount that a cadet takes? Thanks in advance. Old answers are all over the place $8500 and above...
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    web site down? 11/21

    current status message. So not true...