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  1. Gcokeley

    Question about prettyness?

    I did that and I got 4 nominations.
  2. Gcokeley

    CSI Round II

    yeah, I am trying to get a medical waiver through for the NROTC Marine option Scholarship.
  3. Gcokeley

    Can i get accepted to the citadel, VMI, or norwich?

    ACT is a little low, but your ECAs would make up for it. I would say so.
  4. Gcokeley

    Citadel Questions???

    The acceptance rate is about 60% higher. The Academic work is whatever you make it. You can make it just as hard, harder, or way easier than the USNA. Its whatever you make of it.
  5. Gcokeley

    CSI Round II

    Is anyone here going to the second session of CSI at The Citadel? Did anyone go to the first? How was that?
  6. Gcokeley

    Remember the one we already lost.

    Ive known him since Kindergarten. He was a great guy, graduated in the top 5 of my class. I never once saw him treat anyone poorly. He would have made an outstanding officer. Rest in peace Willy
  7. Gcokeley

    past eating i automatically out?

    I dont know how they can make that deliberation when pretty much every wrestler has an eating disorder from October to March. (Then we gorge from March to September):biggrin:
  8. Gcokeley

    Mid suspected of smuggling pot

    Is it wrong that I own every season of NCIS..... and almost every season of JAG for that matter...they will come out with 9 and 10 eventually....
  9. Gcokeley

    New USNA Class To Be Most Diverse Ever

    Im sorry but your analogy as a whole is irrelevant.
  10. Gcokeley

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    OK Ive never actually listened to the man, and I do think hes a little off his rocker, but my point was that for every republican radical, there are two CNN talk show hosts who chase ambulances and praise code pink.
  11. Gcokeley

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    I was mocking you overusing the word "liar"
  12. Gcokeley

    ROTC for a noob.

    Just go talk to your marine corps recruiter. They helped me get the package done in a week. I got the scholarship to UVA...which does me no good because Im going to The Citadel and medical nonsense dqed me.
  13. Gcokeley

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    Colin Powell. How bout that guy
  14. Gcokeley

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    I had to jump in after this one. 1. I believe the fearmongers are the democrats. They are so busy fearing pissing anyone in the world off that they jump to please and enable any country they can. If 9/11 wasnt enough to prove that our country is vulnerable, then I dont know what is. I dont...
  15. Gcokeley


    I think he just wanted someone to really answer the question
  16. Gcokeley

    Asthma the Assasin

    Asthma pretty much demolished my college application process: Waver Denials: USNA USMA AROTC NROTC Marine However I got into VMI and The Citadel medically and academically Ill be attending The Citadel next year. What can I do to get a 3.5 year scholarship or possibly get cleared at...
  17. Gcokeley

    Best ROTC Programs?

    WVU has a very good Army ROTC program. I believe the Mountaineer battalion was #1 in non-military schools on the east coast.
  18. Gcokeley

    NROTC 4-year Scholarship at wrong school

    Im going to the Citadel and then Im just reapplying for the 3 year scholarship
  19. Gcokeley

    Possible NASS Conflict

    When I went, we had guys show up the next day. If you are in the state finals of anything, Im sure the sports oriented USNA wouldnt mind. NASS is for the candidate.
  20. Gcokeley

    Citadel Class of 2013.. Your opinions?

    Haha, people need to grow up some. What people call "Hazing" today isn't really anything like legit hazing. The "Hazing" at the Citadel is just discipline, character building. Those 120 steps/min make you get to where your going fast in a motivated, direct manner and prevent doddling. Excessive...