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  1. RahVaMil2009

    Pros and Cons of The Citadel vs. VMI

    Or 1997, in VMI's case. :thumb:
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    VMI vs. The Citadel

    The leadership center did receive a fair bit of funding, but it was opened the same semester as the new new ("Third") barracks. Both were dedicated during the Spring 2009 semester. The renovations to the football stadium were completely funded by one Alum who made a directed donation to the...
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    Military college vs private university

    (Note: My info could be dated. Lots has changed even in the past 3-4 years.) I could be wrong, but I think this info is kind of out of date regarding ROTC in general. When ROTC was first established, it was intended to train officers for the reserves, which is why it's the "Reserve" Officer...
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    Military college vs private university

    First, any of the schools you've mentioned will serve you well. It's really a matter of what you're interested in. For career military, any of the SMCs would be a great option. There's tons of good info in this forum, including several threads comparing and contrasting the different SMCs...
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    Military college vs private university

    What are your career goals? I'm guessing that you're interested in pursuing an Army commission, but why a degree in IR? Are you thinking career military? Or 4-8 years in the Army followed by a career in diplomacy (ie, State Department) or IR (academia, think tanks, policy analysis, etc.)...
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    VMI at Inaugural Parade

    Unlike Bruno, I don't have any awesome pics in which you can clearly see me within the sea of grey marching in President Obama's first Inaugural. But with modern technology, I do have a YouTube video. Although you can't really pick me out, every time you hear the cymbals crash, you're totally...
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    VMI at Inaugural Parade

    Have fun! :thumb: In 2009, it was 27°F during the Inaugural. That was warm compared to our practice parades. With windchill, it ended up below zero for two of the practice parades. They actually ended those practices early (:eek: :eek:) because the brass section was literally freezing. I'm...
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    VMI Founders Day

    Yup. He must have been strange to want to go there. :thumb: -jmb-
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    VMI commemorates 9/11

    This video is going viral among VMI Alumni on Facebook: Rah Virginia Mil! Jackie '09
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    VMI Admissions

    For those who are interested in applying to VMI, here's some current info on new cadet recruiting that I received today from the VMI Alumni Association: Class of 1993 had 1000 applications; Class of 2016 had 2146 (good recruiting news) To transfer to VMI, you need a 3.4; high school GPA's...
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    VMI - Rat mass of 2013+3

    Rumors like this crop up every year. Just the nature of the beast. I could go to great lengths to describe how what last year's rats went through was nothing compared to my Ratline, but then sprog would have to come in and tell me what a joke my Ratline was compared to his, and then Bruno would...
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    VMI Commissioning & Graduation

    I can't answer this with certainty, but I can tell you what I saw on May 15th. At 9:00am, there was a Joint Service Commissioning Ceremony. All commissioning cadets wore their Class A's/Service Dress and took their seats down on the floor level of Cameron Hall (the basketball court) with the...
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    Who really cares?

    I'm not sure about "good" places for student loans, but I would definitely recommend against Wells Fargo. But then again, that's just based on my own experience; others might beg to differ. -jmb-
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    VMI Letter and the ROTC programs

    The Coast Guard has its own commissioning program similar to OCS. The cadets I know who have gone on to serve in the Coast Guard all participated in NROTC, since it was the most readily applicable curriculum. But it's definitely not the most common branch to commission in at VMI. I know there...
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    SFC Bart is the one to contact at VMI. Let me know if you have any trouble getting a hold of him or if you want to connect with a current SMP cadet at VMI. I know a few, and I'd be happy to get you in touch with them. It's definitely a good option, but as with any choice you make in life, it...
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    Norwich "Pride Week"

    Ugh. Typical. Thanks for taking the time to give us a little insight into reality! -jmb-
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    VMI vs. The Citadel dilemma

    Oh, one more thing: both VMI and The Citadel have very strong Alumni networks, but that doesn't guarantee you anything, either. You have to take the initiative to get plugged in. This can help you overcome many of the challenges I mentioned before, as long as you pick a field that has a...
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    VMI vs. The Citadel dilemma

    As a very proud VMI Alum, I have to admit that this simply is not always the case. Very few professors care about rankings other than to see where their Alma Maters and current institutions rate, so they won't automatically recognize VMI when they see it in the rankings. I love VMI, and I...
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    Chances of getting in?

    Water polo experience will help, but definitely try to improve your GPA. They want to see that you'll be ready to handle the academic rigors on top of the physical challenges, and being on an NCAA team will require awesome time management skills. Have you been in touch with the coach? If not...
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    TAPS - Col William H. Dabney, VMI '61

    Another Marine and VMI Alumnus to guard the pearly gates. Rest in Peace, Sir.