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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    I just asked my cadet about her application that she submitted two years ago. Her memory is a little hazy about some details. Her application was submitted close (hazy) to the deadline for early action. She received an email the day before Thanksgiving that said she was accepted (not hazy at...
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    Genesis Invitational

    I wish you all the luck! I suggest forgetting about a tutor. She would be best served by reading every opportunity she gets without it impacting her other activities.
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    Asked for an interview 3 weeks ago

    My cadet requested an interview during her application process. She was accepted to the academy before an interview was arranged. Hence, she never had an interview. Since you have followed up, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    PFE scores

    The score of 222 is a B according to the PFE instruction manual. Score Letter Grade 285-300 Max Club 258-284 A 222-257 B 200-221 C 165-199 D 0-164 F
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    I believe that my cadet did not receive an email stating when her file will be reviewed. She knew it was reviewed when she received her acceptance right before Thanksgiving. I think some AO's send the email and some don't. So as long as you are positive that the application is complete, I...
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    Anyone attended Genesis?

    My DD went to Cadet for a Day her senior year at CGA while she was taking 4 AP classes, doing XC, filling out college applications and working. Even though she missed two days of school, it was definitely worth it. She came back knowing that she wanted to go to CGA and not the naval academy...
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    PFE/Reccomendation Question

    I don't think it is required for them to write a personal recommendation.
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    My Poor Ring

    Hi, You might want to wait before getting your ring resized. A few years ago, my husband jammed his ring finger and his wedding ring could not fit over his knuckle. After a year with the finger too big to wear the ring, he decided that his finger was permanently larger and got the ring resized...
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    R Day

    Thank you. It sounds like an useful program.
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    R Day

    I haven't heard of the RISE program. Can you please tell me about it?
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    For what is worth, I asked my DD to ask the kids that are members of the USCG Class of 2020 Facebook page if they have accepted their nomination yet. My DD says about 100 kids said they have. I have no idea how well this number reflects the real acceptance rate.
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    How does CGA compare to other engineering programs?

    Congratulations on your conditional appointment! Although you have applied almost on a whim, your decision should be made after a lot of research. Other posters have given you very useful advice. I am a mother of an appointee to the class of 2020 and have a few other things I want you to...
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    Thank You!

    Good afternoon everyone. I want to thank all the posters, especially the people who are in the academy and the people who are currently serving or have served. You have helped my DD with your knowledge, advice and wisdom. You have given me insight into what CGA is like, which has given me...
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    Thank you everyone for your help! My daughter contacted Mr. McMunn and he was very helpful. Her deferral request was granted and she has been offered an appointment to the Class of 2020. She will have to resubmit her application to prove that she still meets the eligibility requirements. My...
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    Thanks for all the help. My daughter spoke with Chris McMunn this morning and he told her the procedure for asking for a deferral. She has to send an email to admissions giving them information about her exchange program and reasons why they should grant her a deferral. I was an exchange...
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    My daughter always talks to adults using their last name unless requested otherwise. But we appreciate the advise. I did an unsuccessful internet search for Chris McMunn's rank so that she can address him properly. Does anyone know his rank? Thanks!
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    Thank you ckarve. My daughter will call Chris tomorrow. Good luck shellz. I hope your son gets accepted!
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    My daughter is very happy to have received an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy. She would like to ask for a deferral because she wants to be an exchange student overseas for a year. Does anyone know how often deferrals are granted and also how long it takes the academy to decide upon a...