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    NROTC Question

    I was just curious, as a SWO commissioned by NROTC, if I choose to stay in the Navy and make a career out of it, am I less likely to gain command of a ship than an Academy graduate?
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    Thanks and good luck to them! My family was trying to figure out if I get the stipend and if I'd be getting a Military ID or anything.
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    As a freshman finishing my second semester of college, I have signed up for the NROTC College Program at my school next year. I was curious as to whether or not College Programmers received the stipend Scholarship midshipmen do, as well as if they are overall considered similar- Reserve Navy...
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    NROTC College Program and DODMERB

    I have been speaking, and working on the paperwork, with a LT from the unit and he mentioned I'd have to go through DoDMERB, when I mentioned I had before he said I need to try and get any paperwork from it saying that I passed
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    NROTC College Program and DODMERB

    I am currently a freshman at Tulane University, joining the NROTC as a College Programmer in the Fall of 2015. I applied previously for the National Scholarship pool and went through DoDmerb, in order to not have to go through it again I need my paperwork from it, is there any way to get my...