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    16 Cadets Test Positive

    The other issue is the accuracy of the tests. The gold standard of a test is 95% sensitivity (detects positive when positive) and 95% specificity (detects negative when negative). Even if the tests were this accurate, there is still a strong chance of false positives due to the current low...
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    Many questions about West Point Military Academy

    I can answer question #4. In the US, the all volunteer military is slowly becoming the family business. The reason why sons and daughters of military officers seem to do better when it comes to admission comes down to probably two reasons; (1) traits that make a candidate a successful...
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    Coast Guard Academy? So you're enlisting?

    Person A: Where did you go to college? Me: The US Military Academy Person A: Where is that? Me: West Point, NY Person A: Is that next door to the other school? Me: What other school? Person A: West Point I can come up with other examples. Just goes to show that the general public is not...
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    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    In reality there is little difference between a five and six year commitment. Assignment timing really has a lot to do with exactly have long you actually serve. For example, after you graduate you will attend branch specific schools and you will most likely not end up at your first unit...
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    How important is a visit if you DON'T have an appointment yet?

    A visit is going to have little to no effect on resolving a medical DQ.
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    Regular Appointments when?

    My DS got his a few years ago sometime the last week of February.
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    AP Calculus AB or BC

    The point is that this decision will have little to no effect when it comes to admission. There is not much you can do to radically change the GPA after Junior year. Work on what you can change. That would be pursue leadership positions in clubs and on sports teams, work to do better on the...
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    AP Calculus AB or BC

    In reference to admissions, the difference between taking AB or BC is very small. Take AB, be in the school play, play sports, and maybe have a little fun. If DS's GPA is 3.5 or above and ACT/SAT scores are above the 75th percentile he should be competitive.
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    Top Leadership Positions Corps of Cadets

    If you are having trouble with your grades, then the last place the academy wants to put you is in a leadership position with more responsibility that will take more of your time. If you are middle of the road in grades and great in the other two then you may likely be competing against cadets...
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    Commitment to CGAS - how binding?

    Are you they wanted a Yes/No for attending or did they just want to know if you are still interested? When you get an appointment to USCGA, they ask if you are still interested before they send the acceptance packet. Even if you accept the acceptance packet, it still does not commit you until...
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    GPA + Differentiating Between High Schools?

    Yes school profiles are integrated into the evaluation, so not all 4.0's are created equal. The ACT/SAT score is also used to calibrate and compare between schools.
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    What is the path cadets take after branching infantry

    You usually are scheduled for Ranger school after the initial infantry branch school. SF qualification/selection is typically started after finishing your first infantry assignment where you serve as a platoon leader.
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    Should I tell my AO know I'd be interested in the Scholar program?

    Applicants who are not chosen for an appointment will be considered for the scholars program. Whether or not you will accept a scholars offer is not really considered therefore informing your AO that you are willing to accept the program will probably not do much. Remember scholars targets...
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    CFA worries

    From my experience you are fine.
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    Deferred to RD

    You do not want to send too much more to the admissions committee. You looking for the biggest bang for the buck which is probably better ACT/SAT scores, 7th semester transcripts, a varsity letter and/or all-area/league/state selection, or the election as a club officer. A significant increase...
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Rejection Thread

    The academies are federal funding institutions, so yes there is going to be some regional politics involved. The whole country pays for the academy with their taxes, so yes it is reasonable to expect that the academy attempts to bring in cadets from the country as a whole. Making it a regional...
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Rejection Thread

    I do feel for you because my DS was in the same situation 4 years ago. He was denied early action his senior year of high school with what I thought was a pretty strong file. The good news is he will be returning to the academy to finish to 2/C year at the end of the week. One year at a...
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    Do all Appointments receive a personal call?

    No, not all appointments come with a phone call. My DS never got one.
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    Who goes to the prep school?

    Under represented minorities are groups that do not have a representation at USMA as compared to the general population. This can include ethic minorities or candidates from economic disadvantaged parts of the country which have low representation at the academy. It may be easy to tell you...
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    ACT Scores

    You have to learn the two techniques called "plugging it it" and plug in the answer "PITA". These techniques allow you to more quickly move through some of the complicated algebra and word problems. You can probably look these up on line or find them in an ACT prep book. You also need to...