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  1. Skegs

    Annapolis Restaurants/Where To Eat 2016/ I-Day CVW Visit Graduation PPW

    Our family favorite is the Boat Yard, it’s a must if you are on the sailing team.
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    Sleep Deprivation at USNA

    On ship the screw never stops turning, that is, the propeller. The mids need to get use to working all hours, standing midnight watches, and having midday rack time. Don't be concern, they are young and strong.
  3. Skegs

    Swimming at the USNA

    10 meter jump is only scary before you do it, once done you realize its no big deal. Many things are like that, its part of the learning as much, if not more, than the learning to jump from 10 meters high.
  4. Skegs

    USNA vs ROTC

    Your exposure comment is very correct, my plebe son went to Catholic Mass on the Navy's birthday this past October and shared it with the CNO, who got up to speak. See USNA Chaplains fB page. The exposure is there in ways you don't even imagine.
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    USNA vs ROTC

    You're getting some great advice. Also see the thread USNA Its not college, which gives you an idea of the differences in student life.
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    USNA It's not college

    Fantastic list!
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    USNA It's not college

    It changes from time to time. Individuals may change companies for various reasons, but most stay in the same company, but then they may have a year where the entire class gets switched around. The term shotgunning. This semester is starting with everyone in the same company but with new...
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    USNA It's not college

    Please add your own examples to assist those who need to make the decision of college or not college.
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    USNA It's not college

    I thought it would be good to provide examples to potential USNA applicants and candidates as they consider their opinions of the "little things" that describe how life of a Plebe is very different from the life of a college freshman. There are many obvious differences, but there are things that...
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    Has he had a taste of life and a career in the Navy and he doesn't want that? Or is only being at USNA that he doesn't like? USNA time is limited and worth the struggle if he would still like a career in the Navy. If he doesn't, then it's important to heed the wisdom from USNA1985 and be running...
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    Post PPW week

    Want to thank everyone who replied. My DS said he thought hello night would be a lot of hazing but it actually was a lot of fun. I didn't get details, but I'm relieved to hear the news and glad that his company must have held to the correct spirit of the evening.
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    Post PPW week

    Great information, thanks
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    Post PPW week

    I heard that this week is a tough week and the detailers are coming down hard on the plebes due to some members which did not follow the rules during PPW. I have not heard from anyone in the yard. Does anyone know what this week will be like compared to previous weeks regarding activities and if...
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    2020 class profile?

    God Bless the Navy Chaplains; they do such great work, true caring servants of God.
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    I assume you did not go to I-day due to distance and travel cost; which is understandable. We said goodbye to my son in the morning and then saw him for only 25 minutes after the oath. During the day my wife saw the yelling of the detailers and then my sons shaven head: it seemed like a cold...
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    SAT/ACT Study Tips Needed!

    Your math classes may be advanced and you therefore need to study geometry and the math found on the SAT. I recommend tutorial from an SAT specialist who can teach and review the type of questions you find on the SAT, and then practice, practice, practice.
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Thanks WVDAD2020, That's what I would think, but i also heard that you never really know.
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Added DS Information, we don't know what MOC slot was used. We are looking forward to joining NJ parents group. Good luck to all those still waiting. Having a good plan B in place helped us a lot during the wait.
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Thank you to 2boymom, the advice about letting the news sink in is good advice, not something which would naturally come to me since I'm action oriented; thanks.