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  1. 2020Hopeful93

    Notification Method

    Sorry, if this has already been answered or if this is just common knowledge to all of you. Where do they notify candidates first? I'm deploying this coming week and am just curious whether I should be trying to check email/portal or whether I'll just be waiting for something in the mail.
  2. 2020Hopeful93

    Enlisted Application

    Yeah, I guess. But the application process doesn't begin until April, I think.
  3. 2020Hopeful93

    Enlisted Application

    Little late now, don't you think?
  4. 2020Hopeful93

    Portal/e-mail/snail mail

    Thanks, I appreciate the help
  5. 2020Hopeful93

    Portal/e-mail/snail mail

    Sorry, if I misunderstood the question/answer. How do they notify you if you receive an appointment?
  6. 2020Hopeful93

    My CFA Results: Did I pass?

    So y'all think that this would be competitive then?? Basketball - 73' Pull ups - 15 Shuttle Run - 9.5'' Sit ups - 72 Push ups - 64 Mile run - 6:35 Any reply helps! Thanks.
  7. 2020Hopeful93

    Am I Done

    Hey, ya'll, I'm going through my final steps of the application. The DODMERB can't be officially started until I'm halfway done with the required documents, but I'm active military, so I was told to go ahead and get some of the stuff done. How long of a process is the DODMERB? My B&G Officer...
  8. 2020Hopeful93

    Any enlisted applicants?

    Marine. Also a Corporal. Going through all the fun stuff with my application right now. Just knocked out the CFA. Hopefully my package will look competitive and I'll end up seeing you guys there. Can't go to NAPS because of my age though.