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    Physical Conditioning for Beast Barracks

    Stretch I cannot emphasize enough -- stretch, stretch, stretch! And start now! My son had knee trouble during beast and they had him going to some sort of physical therapy during beast. I was a nervous wreck at home thinking he was going to be separated, but he assured me he was in no danger...
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    Class of 2015 Appointments

    My other son is in too My younger son will be joining his big bro who will be a firstie next year. He is from Nevada-01 district. Received Congressional and Senatorial nominations.
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    Let the games begin

    Son got a call from today from his first choice school telling him he got the scholarship, and he also informed him as to the other schools that selected him. His Dodmerb status hasn't changed yet however. Good luck to all!
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    Secondary Application Packet?

    My son received his packet sometime last summer. He filled out everything with pen and paper. I asked him why he wasn't doing it online, and he said he didn't think he had the option. I do remember his "Why I want to go to USMA" response was requested in writing, I'm guessing to use as a...
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    WAR wins Cherry Blossom Tournament

    Dang...looks like football without the pads!! As you can see I know nothing about rugby, but I am very impressed. Looks like they were even tackling! They were getting down and dirty, quite literally. I really enjoyed these pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    Math Courses in HS

    Correspondence honors courses I work in the 5th largest school district and we offer a huge summer school program. However, there are no honors courses during the summer. When students want to take an honors class to either make up a lousy semester or take a whole course to get ahead, I refer...
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    Pentagon Federal Credit Union My son opened an account with PFCU online and opened a checking account with them. He had to do some things through the mail but it was really simple. I had to send them a check for $5 to open the account, and he did the rest.
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    Tickets for R day

    Bought my tickets today too! I have been searching for about a month and bought today! My son and I are going to fly into D.C. for 3 days of mom/son time. Have never done that. We're going to do all the touristy stuff, then rent a car on the 27th and drive up to West Point. We are planning a...
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    NROTC vs USNA waiver

    My son received an ROTC waiver but was told by USMA that it would be much more difficult to get one from them. But then lo and behold, he did. It's possible!
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    How long did it take for you guys and gals to finish?

    September 07 - November 07, and that is with a DQ and then waiting for a waiver.
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    Way to go Parents

    Hey Friends! Hi WAMom, Antoinette, and ArmyWife! I believe I met you all on the CC forum. (ArmyWife, I'm your stalker!!!) Another "Woop Mom" :thumb:
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    FYI: Calendar Dates

    Hi Just_A_Mom Thanks for the dates! I've learned a lot from your posts from lurking the past couple of months.
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    medical waiver timeline

    You can say that again. When my son was disqualified last summer, we honestly thought it was the end of the line. My son found this site and I asked you a question, and we were more than prepared with his medical records, letters from neurologists, and research to send to DODMERB, all thanks to...
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    Tourette Syndrome

    He got a waiver!!!! Unbelievable! He honestly didn't expect it. Thanks for all the support everyone, especially RetNavy. As I'm sure everyone knows, this means so much not only to my son, but to the entire family. Thanks again :smile: Derek's mom
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    Tourette Syndrome

    The saga continutes... Ok here's where he is~ Derek sent in his complete history form and a letter written from his neurologist including his research and how he hasn't exhibited any symptoms in a few years, etc. etc. As of Monday, Dodmerb listed disqualified D231.90 - Academic skills...
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    Tourette Syndrome

    Update Derek had his physical and we were expecting an instant disqualification. We received a letter that said Remedial Requested. We had already obtained his complete medical records and had his neurologist write a letter about his condition. He basically noted that he doesn't require meds...
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    Tourette Syndrome

    Just saw the neurologist We just saw the pediatric neurologist and he is appalled that this may prevent Derek from entering the military. He looked back through his chart and noted that the worst display of any symptoms was in elementary school when he used to hum in class, and the humming is...
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    Tourette Syndrome

    Thanks. I think my son was about to give up. He has his medical exam this week and we're also going to visit his neurologist and see if he's ever had a patient go through this before. I think he's already given up, and is very hesitant to schedule his interview. We'll see what happens. Thanks...
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    Tourette Syndrome

    Does Tourette Syndrome automatically disqualify one? Is it possible to get a waiver if one has "grown out" of it? Is there anything a neurologist can write that will qualify someone for Army ROTC? Thanks.