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  1. AstroMom

    Mom of DS, a 2022 USNA reapplicant.

    Mom of DS, a 2022 USNA reapplicant.
  2. AstroMom

    STEM, anyone?

    My DS received a no as well. Here's hoping for better news for all of us next year for Summer Seminar.
  3. AstroMom

    Math requirements for USNA

    My son is a class of 2021 hopeful. He goes to a large public high school. He has completed Geometry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors (will complete in June). His school offers Pre-Calculus (Honors) and Calculus (AP) but no Trigonometry. How important is Trig for entrance to the USNA? Should he try...
  4. AstroMom

    World Languages Question

    Thanks to all! Great advice.
  5. AstroMom

    World Languages Question

    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums. My son is a USNA Class of 2021 hopeful. He is a sophomore this year and we are trying to get everything in order so he will be a competitive candidate. I have a question regarding world languages. He goes to a large urban public high school that offers the...