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    After USMMA Appointment Acceptance - Next Steps

    I didn't see any parents crying at INDOC, but I did see a Plebe Candidate crying as she said goodbye to her parents and walked into the gym. I've always wondered how she is doing. I felt so sorry for her and her parents. My son, on the other hand, was laid back and in no hurry to go in the gym...
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    After USMMA Appointment Acceptance - Next Steps

    For INDOC 2018, the track/ cross country coach had a meeting with students and parents in an on-campus facility. He sent the new students with his current track students who were already on campus, and he talked with us parents for about an hour. It was very helpful for all of us. One of the...
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    USMMA - A split vs B split

    My son runs Cross Country and Track. He was able to choose between A and B because his sport is in fall and spring. He chose A split because he wants to be out of New York during the winter months.
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    Eczema... again

    I'm certainly not an expert, but if you don't need to see a doctor, I don't think it needs to be reported. The information I've read always says not to diagnosis yourself. About eczema- my son has occasional mild outbreaks as well. His last treatment by a doctor was two years ago, and we had...
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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    Sorry, you are right. Presidential is for the other academies. My son also received a nomination today from Senator Corker.
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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    karensuzanne/ DS/ LOA/ 3 January 2018/ Undecided/ TN Congressional District 1 and Presidential/ Direct Appointment