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    New USNA Class To Be Most Diverse Ever

    man, all of you i think wasted a lot of time and energy. If you're gonna go to the academy you need to be more efficient. Think about it this way. If are wanting to go to the academy you better as hell not judge any of your shipmates so there's no point in even worrying about this because you...
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    New USNA Class To Be Most Diverse Ever

    thanks for that reassuring message, I hope i'll do good both at the academy and the fleet. I'm not a dumb kid i just aced a college calc I and II course. But that's not gonna get anyone into MIT or Harvard. But yeah sorry for pulling the thread away from diversity. I think its great just as long...
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    New USNA Class To Be Most Diverse Ever

    hearing that kids have turned down harvard and MIT to be in the class of 2013 makes me feel like im gonna be the anchor.... ah I hope not...
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    does anyone have any good links cause right now company 7 is only a number to me.
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    Deadline for Eagle Scout

    well yes i agree and that's why i explained that you tell them that while you are not an eagle yet all you have is the board of review. And for me who had already been through a 2 hour Blue and Gold Interrogation (my relationship with my B&G officer was very cold and efficient) my 30 minute...
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    Deadline for Eagle Scout

    you don't even have to wait until you have the board of review to tell them. I told them after i got my scout master conference back in January (i also explained that it was 99.9% guaranteed that i would become eagle because everyone passes board of review) and two weeks later i got my appointment.
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    Deadline for Eagle Scout

    as soon as you can get it. I just got my eagle in February and i turned life in the 8th grade (i'm going to the academy in about 4 weeks). don't get distracted. keep on pushing. Do not let up on scouts until you have your eagle project workbook turned in and you're simply waiting for your board...
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    Rowing Vs Polevault

    quick question the form asks for my alpha code and my best swim time as of right now i have neither of these (i can swim just never timed myself) but what is my alpha code and how do i find this?
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    Serious Question

    ok so this is the same as the physical, i filled out my physical thinking that they wanted to know every single ache and pain i ever had. This resulted in a bunch of ridiculous and unnecessary remedials. There i should have only put down stuff that required me to go to the hospital. Here you...
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    Rowing Vs Polevault

    so i have pole vaulted through out high school but I'm not really d1 material only PR=13 ft. I just received however a letter in the mail for the rowing team saying they want to recruit me (because apparently i have the perfect body build, 6'1 168lbs. I want to join a team but i don't know if i...
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    i know you may want to get him one for a graduation present or something but really wait until he knows when he can use one and then get it. There's no point in getting it now and then a year from now when he can finally use it it'll be an outdated model.
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    USNA 2013

    1. texan101 2. pmlutton's son 3. miidaangg 4. USNAHopeful24 5. MJOmom 6. mjcjac-Atlanta, GA 7. theraven San Diego, CA Al i can think about is the academy, everytime i do good in class i am optimistic and everytime i forget to do one of my moms chores i think "argh how am i gonna survive?"
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    Admissions Forum 5/21

    Hmm if he is really interested in the Marines or the SEALs then he has a side to him that does not want to be just "middle of the pack." The SEALs for one are some of the best trained military forces in the world. If he is the same type of teenage boy as me then he does want to stand out and be...
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    20/20 but if your eye sight is less than this then the military may offer you lasik eye surgery AFTER you join. do not under any circumstances get laser eye surgery before you are in the military and only get it from the optometrist that the military orders you to go to. Getting eye surgery...
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    haha thank you for the advice, I'm not trying to buy airline tickets just yet but i was curious just to see if her college would be out at that time seeing as shes going to a state school (here in california) she cant just drive up for the weekend. but i guess if she can come, she can come, if...
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    what time in the spring?? i guess i could just look it up on the calendars
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    well i have now just heard about the I-ball and i plan to be a part of the two percent club so i was wondering if anyone knows when that usually is so i can start to plan with my girlfriend.
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    test scores

    ok so the academy has not asked for any of my grades/test scores should i send in my new ap scores and final grades for this year?? or just chill? and is so when do they want them by
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    Items in packet

    ok so the booklet does not tell me what to do with the Naval Health Clinic Annapolis Adult and Pediatric Immunization Questionnaire Do i send this is in with the other medical papers. which doesn't make sense because the first question is "Is the person receiving the vaccine(s) sick today with...
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    Reporting Times And Companies

    i dont, i have 9, and my reporting time is 630, and anyways i dont think that can be it either cause then there could only be 10 companies and my impression is that there is 30