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  1. jackdallen

    The Ohio State University ROTC

    Is anyone here doing ROTC at Ohio State for the class of 2021?
  2. jackdallen

    Difference between 3-year and Sideload scholarship?

    Thank you both for your advice.
  3. jackdallen

    Difference between 3-year and Sideload scholarship?

    What are typically the chances of being awarded a 3-year scholarship if you did not receive the 4-year? I do not know what i can improve on and even my recruiter says the most I can improve is 8 points to 300 on my PFT. I am just unsure because if I didn't get it this round and it's harder to...
  4. jackdallen

    Ohio State NROTC

    Hi, does anyone have any information or insight on the Ohio State NROTC unit?
  5. jackdallen

    Did Not Receive NROTC MO

    Sort of. All I got was that it was very competitive but no solid answers.
  6. jackdallen

    Did Not Receive NROTC MO

    I am very surprised as well. I tried to find out what caused my package to not be selected and was unable to find an answer. I also tried to ask what I could possibly do for the next board to improve and couldn't get an answer for that as well except for maybe try to boost my GPA.
  7. jackdallen

    Did Not Receive NROTC MO

    I know! I am surprised as well. My recruiter called and told me.
  8. jackdallen

    Did Not Receive NROTC MO

    Hello, I just found out that I did not receive the Marine Option NROTC. I am going to reapply next year and just wanted some suggestions on what I should do to help my package. 290+ PFT 4.0 GPA 1350 SAT Top Varsity Men's Junior Rowing Club in the US Started non-profit benefitting veterans...
  9. jackdallen

    Marine Option NROTC SAT Scores

    Hello, on my PDF application my most recent SAT scores are not showing however my officer recruiter stated that he had put my newest SAT scores into the system manually. Is there a chance he forgot or would the SAT scores not show up on the application PDF?
  10. jackdallen

    Marine Option and Aviation

    Hello, I just had a quick question. Does NROTC Marine Option offer the same aviation contract that PLC does to college students? I have heard both that it does and that it does not. I would love any job in the Marine Corps but I have heard that since aviation will most likely be my top choice...
  11. jackdallen

    Marine Option

    Unfortunately I did not receive the Marine Option NROTC scholarship the first round. My recruiter told me only two were given out in my "district" (area?). I had a letter of recommendation that came in late which wasn't counted but my officer recruiter said I would've gotten it if it was on...
  12. jackdallen

    Sport and NROTC

    I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to do a sport and be on a Marine Option NROTC scholarship at Georgetown University? PS: the sport is rowing
  13. jackdallen

    Anyone heard from the NROTC this week?

    Does anybody know how many boards there are for the marine option?
  14. jackdallen

    Anyone heard from the NROTC this week?

    I out last week
  15. jackdallen

    Possible to get recruited for a sport I've never played?

    Hello, I just have a couple quick questions about crew at the Academy. Right now I'm a lightweight and I'm talking to the lightweight crew coach. Do you know by chance what 2k makes a recruit "stand out"? Right now as a lightweight, my 2k is a 6:45. I am just wondering if you know which...
  16. jackdallen

    SLE Acceptance

    One quick question, do we have to send our SAT scores? Or is it fine to just enter them on the website?
  17. jackdallen

    Summer Seminar

    Hello, Does anybody know when the NASS applications close? I am just wondering because I felt that I did better on the SAT that I took today and I want to use those scores on my application. I do not find out how I did today until February 11th. Thanks.
  18. jackdallen

    Marine Option NROTC

    Hello Everybody, Do the Marine option NROTC scholarships tend to be harder to get or more selective than the regular NROTC scholarship? Thanks.
  19. jackdallen

    Summer Seminar

    Should I put my SAT scores on the application or leave that section blank? Someone told me that if your SAT scores are not good enough on your summer seminar application that when it turns into your preliminary application it will hurt you. Right now I have about average and a little below...
  20. jackdallen

    Class of 2021

    Thanks, I understand how navy pilots are selected after primary flight training. Though I was wondering since the Air Force has much more transport and other large aircraft than the Navy if the Air Force typically has more or less fighter slots available after flight training.