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    Help! My parents don't want me to be a pilot after graduation. How do I convince them otherwise?

    I don’t understand there opposition, follow your heart, not your helicopter parents….
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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    Prep school looks likely, it’s a great deal…
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    USAFAPS 2024

    Many quit, or just screw up, or simply decide the military is not for them, if you keep your nose clean and work hard, you will do fine. You still have to reapply and get another nomination, but having been through it once before it easy the second time.
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    CFA Scores

    Awesome improvement! should pass, but keep working out…
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    Pretty sure he will have to retake…hit the gym, and fast. Good luck.
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    Submit CFA?

    IMO…no, work hard at improving a bit in each event. Good Luck…
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    Failed First CFA- Offered Retake, Now What?

    Wow, hit the gym… not too good
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    Form 341

    I went there in 1985, a upperclassman could not stand me and told me everyday that my paperwork was ready to kick me out, in BCT, it was all a game…don’t worry about it…
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    USMMA's Misleading Statistic

    Yea, bc it’s 4 years of hard academics crammed into 3...due to sea year. I did not go there, neither did my son, ( offered appt.), see the place and talk to the coaches and professors, the place is a hidden is amazing.
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    USAFA Preparatory School Class of 2022 Appointment List DS found out last year in early May that he was going to USAFAPS...
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    Military Connections

    No, I do not think so, I got in with no “connection “ to anyone in the military. Anyhow I think the SA’s would love to spread out the net a bit also...just my 2 cents...
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    Man that looks good!
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    Good luck to Kam, we will be following him...loved Coach K....
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    Agree totally, DS got appt. to KP last year for football also, but at last moment switched to AF Prep. KP coaches were totally awesome and I loved the place....but it was his choice. Good luck to you all and to your great kids...
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    Does USAFA sends a 3Q letter?

    No they do not...
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    DS was interviewed last year by her staff for USMMA and it was over the phone in the car bc he had other interviews that day, so they had to fit him him...questions were 1..what do you know about USMMA. 2. What is your biggest accomplishment/regret.3. Define 3 traits of a good leader, and when...
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    In Ca. have not heard anything yet either, District 3..
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    Very quiet on USMMA SAF forum kept secret in the world...period.
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    #81, Congrats, where you from in Ca.?