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  1. NChopeful

    Black Eyeglass Strap

    camping and fishing stores?
  2. NChopeful

    USAFA School Calendar 2009-2010 Availability?

    that all depends on who you're flying with... (i.e. northwest, detroit, etc...)
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    Bed and Breakfast

    oh wow, thanks a ton
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    Bed and Breakfast

    Yeah i'm at Cheyenne mountain resort. I just hope there's somewhere near-by so i can walk to a store and get stuff like shampoo and soap... Room-mates, maybe? they said they were picking us up, giving us dinner and breakfast, and taking us in the morning.... so i'm DEFINITELY not complaining
  5. NChopeful

    Bed and Breakfast

    they put me up in a resort in the springs... anyone in the same boat?
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    what size monitor is allowed? i was thinking my cadet at orientation said 24", but I'm not sure.... Or, is it up to the squad?
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    Religion at the Academy

    hahaha, oh my
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    New AF uniforms? Khaki pants? *shudder when would this be worn, exactly?
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    At orientation, i saw a ton of bikes underneath Vandenberg and Sijan, obviously owned by cadets. I ride quite a bit, and I was wondering when the best time would be to bring out my bike. Or would it even be a good idea as a 4dig?
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    A-freaking-men, man:biggrin:
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    Sweet, that helps. What about personal experience. The cadet I was with at orientation told me definitely compression shorts, duct tape, and some other little "didn't think of" items
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    Can we get a checklist started for I day... including some things we talked about at orientations that aren't necessarily in the appointee information packet, (ie social security card)
  13. NChopeful

    Acceptance day/Parade

    I was wondering about the date for Acceptance day and Parade. They are the same thing, right? I know there is only an hour or so that you can see family, but my brother wants to see me then. Is it just the last day of BCT?
  14. NChopeful

    IMPORTANT Orientation Dinner 12 April OLIVE GARDEN

    13 -14 April (OLIVE GARDEN) Cadets: 1. hornetguy (1) 2. eagle36 (1) 3. Roleomom (4) 4. raimius (1) 5. missmuff (1) 6. Nobility08 (1) 7. USAFA10s (1) 8. airforce16 (1) 9. pssgiraffe08 (1) Appointees: 1. 2. 3. NC Hopeful(2) 4. gdesena 5. AFcdt2013 6. PDub 7. Fyterpilot22 8...
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    Airline ticket for In-Processing

    From what I've seen so far, most people will probably connect in Dallas. I read a post a while back that last year, a flight from DFW to COS had 3 people or so that WEREN'T appointees. I'll be flying from Raleigh-Durham to DFW then to COS. my flight from DFW leaves at 1255P according to my...
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    2013 Appointments

    Congrats! can't wait to meet you all at orientation and/or beast!
  17. NChopeful

    when can i expect appointment kit?

    Woo got mine today, fun stuff!
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    Finances as a 4 degree

    Well, my point was that I won't be living in North Carolina at all, so after Colorado's requirements are met (90 days, I think?) would it be wiser to file for Colorado taxes? And would AFA be my new permanent address?
  19. NChopeful

    Finances as a 4 degree

    I have a question concerning taxes. Obviously, at the academy I'll be paying fed taxes. Right now I'm in NC, but when I leave this summer my mom will be moving around. Would it be a better idea then to claim residency in Colorado and pay colorado taxes?
  20. NChopeful

    Dates for 2009?

    what's the difference? I think I read that parents can come watch the parade, but would you be able to talk to them at all?