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    Senior year schedule advice

    Yes, you already have enough Spanish. For WP we always recommend 4 years of the 4 cores at a minimum. As long as that is taken care of then add some fun, but useful courses like computer science / IT. Senior year you should at least be taking your next level of math plus an English Lang/Lit/Comp...
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    Noncommittal Letter - Next Steps

    I speculate that your test scores are too low for you to be competitive assuming you loaded enough extracurriculars and sports participation. Reach out to your FF Rep or District Coordinator and ask where your file is weak. In my state, the average super-scored percentile of non-service...
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    Meeting LOA timelines

    Get a new score by the deadline and deal with the consequences. Keep training and try to get to at least one pull-up if you can. 1 pull-up is passing for females and will give you more points than holding the flexed arm hang for max time. Also, there if she received an LOA in the past and it...
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    Dodmerb Guru?

    Online you can find DOD Instruction 6130.03, Vol 1 - it clearly outlines disqualifying factors. At the same time, finish you file early. Do not wait until the 31 Jan deadline. The more time needed for a waiver (if your file is competitive for an Offer) the better. Academies have separate...
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    CFA status unclear

    Don't waste time waiting for Navy to send the scores to WP. Reach out to your CFA Administrator, enter their contact details into your portal and get him/her to submit directly to WP. I administer tons of CFAs every year for all flavors of academies - mostly WP. I send scores directly to...
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    Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Great job. Take it for record (if this was not for record) and get your scores sent in asap by your CFA Administrator.
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    Get language from necessary specialists that clear you for 100% activities with no limitations. Complete your file as soon as you can (all green in items you are responsible for) and rock the CFA if you have not done so already. Waivers are only requested on competitive files that have a chance...
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    Is this enough

    Agree with all above - what also helps: rock your CFA and have great leadership positions. Reapply after taking a year of junior or community college if you have to in order to show more upward trending on grades and strength / breadth of course work.
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    LOA for the Class of 2028!!

    Nothing is physically mailed in the USPS any longer except for the Offer BFEs. Stay close to your portal activity!
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    "Contact Admissions" on Portal

    Give it time, but work your way up the food chain: FF Rep, District Coordinator, State Coordinator, RC...
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    Leadership experience

    Agree with all the suggestions. Look at Sea Cadets (great program and not as time consuming as Civil Air Patrol). Look at other community opportunities too. Church, Food Drives, Scouting, etc...
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    Editing Candidate Personal Data Record (CPDR)

    You can update your CPDR by sending an email to your admissions tech or RC or FF Rep with attaching proof of what you want updated. Make sure you include your full name, candidate number, and phone number and politely ask that the particular credential(s) be added to your file.
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    Triple Qualified Acceptance Rate?

    Sorry to hear that, but an Academic DQ can also be caused by a less than stellar SOE. Admissions will never tell you that, because they strictly protect confidentiality of those responses. I always tell my candidates to develop strong relationships with SOE teachers and their counselor's well...
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    Sending CFA scores to the Naval Academy

    Good advice from CAPT MJ. Your CFA Administrator received an official .pdf of your test scores. That individual could also send that file to your Navy B&G officer. I send CFA scores all the time to the other SA admissions field folks and the academies directly. You should also be able to enter...
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    Can I apply to West Point with an IEP?

    The SAs do not accept any scores from test taken with accommodations under any circumstances. Any medical (mental or physical) acute or chronic condition that required medication for an ongoing period of time will be highly scrutinized.
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    What are my chances of getting accepted?

    Most Boys and Girls State programs have websites where you can learn more and leave your contact details. Someone will then reach out to you. I am in WPFF and greatly involved with my state's Boys and Girls State programs - the easiest way to earn leadership points for candidates that are light...
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    31 Jan is the deadline for candidates to complete everything they are responsible for. 15 April is the deadline that Admissions sets to have any and all medical Qs done. The sooner you finish your file before deadlines (your competition has lots of their files almost complete) the sooner WP can...
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    CFA pending review

    I disagree. Your videos will be graded when the team that grades them gets around to it. It is part of the internal 3Q process that you have to clear before getting an offer. I have lots of CFA already graded across my footprint, but they took them long ago. Complete the other stuff in your file...
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    CFA Scores?

    Keep the BB throw over 50 feet and you will be okay. If your pull-ups and push-ups are to standard then you are good there. Make sure you go down far enough on the push ups. I advise that the elbow should clearly break the 90 degree angle as shown on the video demonstration at the Admissions...
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    Does College GPA help at all?

    Applying after one or more years of college will help your Whole Candidate Score, but most important are your super-scored test scores over the past couple of years. College applicants can still take the SAT and ACT after high school for USMA entrance purposes. I assume as such at the other...