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    Spam PM

    FYI Anyone get a PM like this? Hi, I'm new here, how's it going? "Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a...
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    Two Questions WRT USNA Application...

    and the end of the story Just to close the loop on this. My son stopped his exercising about 48 hours to the hour before his exam. Sat to Mon am. He drank water like a fish. His main concern on Monday was that his urine was just water, he thought they would think he was a freak. He passed the...
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    Talking to Newspaper

    I am not in a military service so I cannot give you specific advice but I would expect that you should go thru the COC to CYA. I was in a federal agency in a sensitive postition and learned to always be on guard when talking to a reporter. Good luck be careful. Sorry thats the world we live in.
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    Two Questions WRT USNA Application...

    Thanks Larry no urgency we have plenty of time for a retest. We'll just see what happens with the first test. I'll have him drink plenty of water.
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    Two Questions WRT USNA Application...

    certainly no apologies are necessary I should have posted it as a separate thread anyway. Regards
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    Anyone have experience with USNA Foundation?

    Just curious why a prep and not NAPS? was he involved in a sport that NAPS did not offer, if so how did that work out? thanks
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    remedial urine test

    bump thanks for these posts. I did not know it was so important on the refraining from physical activity. My son is participating in a very strenous summer crew program (6 days/wk). His DoDMerb physical is about 48 hours after his last crew practice. I hope it will be enough. I'll have him...
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    CVW question

    Thank you usna1985 I believe we are being extended an "athletic visit". I was trying to understand the difference between a CVW and a athletic visit, it appears that there is one. It would make sense for my son to do an athletic visit as opposed to a CVW. The team chemistry factor is VIP in his...
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    CVW question

    whats the difference between a CVW and an athlete being invited for a visit? Do athletes typically stay with plebes in their sport? what is a CVW? a campus visit? is it extended to all candidates?
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    Bonus points ?

    I absolutely understand your position I just wanted to pass some advice people have given to me about USNA in particular. My son is a recruited athlete and we are having to deal with this issue with respect to USNA and other colleges. We are letting him take the lead but we are watching very...
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    Bonus points ?

    I'm also a parent of someone applying to 2013. My son also did very well on the athletic test at NASS 2. He maxed on all but 2 of the tests and just missed those. I'm not a grad and do not know everything. But one thing I have heard again and again (from alumini and BGOs) is if you are parent...
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    I can echo some of your numbers but they are a bit different. My son went to NASS 2 2008. He really liked it and is going to apply. He indicated that he was told of all the kids at NASS 40% would end up going to the academy. It was not indicated what was the statistic for the other 60% ie did...
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    How does the medical turnback work?

    Mr. Mullen can I presume the same sort of process applies at the USNA and USMA? thank you PS do not have a specific situation so please do not spend a lot of time on this. Just curious if there is differences on this for the different SAs. When I was visiting USNA, I saw a plebe squad come...
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    broken ankles Molly I'm a parent for prospective Navy applicant (09 plebe year). I'm not here to offer you advice on the DoDMERB I'll leave that to Mr. Mullen ect but I do know something about broken ankles and screws. It’s not clear from your post if you are entering in 09. I broke my...
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    DoDMERB starts

    Communications Thank you Mr. Mullen. As a parent of a candidate for the USNA 2013 class. Thank you for your posts. While I'm certainly not trying to "do" my son's application I'm acting a traffic cop i.e. making sure he gets the right thing to the right place on time. I had a fair amount of...
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    Varsity Athletics

    visits-start early you can do an informal visit. Between soph and jr year we visited the USNA as tourists. We contacted the coach of a sport my son is very good at and had an informal visit at the same time. It was great. It spiked my son's interest in the USNA. He is now going into his senior...