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  1. bunnylady

    USCGA 2020 appointments

    My DD is at USMMA. She reminded her brother to keep an open mind and be flexible but otherwise move forward with other plans. Put down the housing deposit at your 2nd choice, move forward with roommates, plan your classes, and get to know your coaches and teammates. This was in response to his...
  2. bunnylady

    Bear's den login: anyone else noticing additions to the applicant status page?

    Maybe they just revamped the Bears Den page with the new interest from the 2021 class. They all look alike.
  3. bunnylady

    When does the CGA send rejections?

    Our DS placed his deposit and filled out all the paperwork at his 2nd choice college, including signing his NLI for football. Would not ask for a refund, just consider it part of the costs involved. DS doesn't talk about his hopes except with his sister, who is at USMMA. She gave him...
  4. bunnylady

    Physical Question- Please help

    WP1010 and Will2k17, just follow the workouts you are to prep with, but add that flexed arm hang 3 times daily. Be as serious about it as you are about anything in your life. Set goals and achieve them for advancing to pull-ups on a weekly basis. My DD struggled too. She thought she'd be...
  5. bunnylady

    Class of 2019 Parents Facebook Page

    I absolutely agree with kp2001, 17TexasMom, BuckeyeGuy, and Beyond. Both forums (the USMMA Service Academy Forum and closed Facebook pages) have their place and a wise person utilizes all their resources. I am an Advisor for the 2019 USMMA Parents page, a member of the 2018 USMMA Parents page...
  6. bunnylady

    All- Academy Balls

    Attending WI AAB December 26th, 2014 and have questions Maybe Stealth_81 can help. Our family is attending with our plebe daughter and looking at the formal dress code. Father and brother are wondering if they should wear a full suit, vest, and jacket or is a tux the better choice? Daughter...