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    3 Year AD Scholarship and Stipend

    If you have a 3 year AD scholarship do you get a stipend and book money your freshman year or is it just during the 3 years you're on scholarship?
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    Do you meet with a recruiter prior to applying for an ROTC scholarship?

    No, I received a 3 year scholarship and still haven't met with the ROO at my school. I was contacted by him once I was offered the scholarship.
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    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    Haven't been on the board for a while but thought I'd give an update. I have decided to try and do both. I actually got Matt Brown's email address and asked him what advice he could give me. I won't share the whole email but I will share a few things he told me. 1) Communicate and prioritize...
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    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    Wrestling at American University, Hoya Battalion at Georgetown for ROTC
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    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    I received emails from my coach and cadre today. The email from the cadre says that they fully support cadets who are also athletes. The coach, who has never had an athlete in ROTC, came back with a very positive and encouraging response. He listed what he thought were the benefits of doing both...
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    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    From everyone I have talked to and all I have read, it sounds like it all depends on how willing the coach and cadre are to work together. I have emails into both explaining my situation and asking for their opinion and experience with this. I'll update you once I hear from them.
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    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    I was recruited by and committed to a Division 1 athletic program. I recently found out that I was awarded a 3 year AROTC scholarship. Does anyone have any insight on participating in ROTC and athletics at the Division 1 level? Any insight and information will be greatly appreciated.
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    ARTOC (Army ROTC) Winners

    1. samvoss//DS//3 yr//UC Boulder 2. ArmyVeteranMom//DS//3 yr// North Carolina 3. MaggieinDL//DD//4 yr // RIT, Cornell, Colorado State 4. Eyueltad5//DS// 3yr// The Citadel, Hampton University 5. bear12//DD 3 yr Baylor University 6. Christmanx4//DS 3 year Florida State 7. Flying_Duck//3yr UC...
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    Changing Info after being boarded

    My status changed to boarded last week. I have information I can add to the application (All District in football). More importantly, I plan on wrestling in college and have had a school I didn't anticipate contact me about wrestling for them. Can I add this information and the school choice to...
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    NROTC interview

    I have everything done except the interview and fitness test. How do I set up an interview? I received an email from my Program Coordinator but it didn't have any information on how to set up the interview, it just said that I need it ASAP.
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    Requesting a nomination

    I have applied to the big 3 service academies. I'm getting ready to send out requests for nominations. Should I include my order of preference in the letter or will this be addressed at a later date?