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    Rabble Rousers Tryouts

    Thank you @MomWPgirl !
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    Rabble Rousers Tryouts

    4.3 GPA weighted, 3.8 unweighted. I've taken 12 AP Classes including the one's in my current senior schedule. National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation member. SAT superscore around 1850, ACT superscore composite is 31. Varsity Track and Field for four years, Varsity...
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    LOA and nomination

    Some people have already gotten their appointments, others have nots. I have my LOA, I'm qualified medically, but because my congressman did interviews for nominations later in the year, I haven't received my appointment. If you have everything done, perhaps you'll get your appointment after break.
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    Urgent and Interesting Situation

    I'd say look at your options in both the Army and Air Force. Sure, both schools are amazing and will offer you great educations, but would you rather serve in the Air Force or Army? I don't know if this makes a difference to you, but keep in mind that New York is ALOT different than...
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    Rabble Rousers Tryouts

    Positive. But I guess it was a couple weeks ago, I didn't JUST get it.
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    Rabble Rousers Tryouts

    Hey guys! I'm wondering if anyone has any information on cheer tryouts at USMA. Anything from tumbling requirements, stunting skills needed, tryout dates during CBT, or commitments Rabs have during the academic year. Any information is helpful :) I don't know if this makes a difference, but I...
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    Hey from SoCal!

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to this site. I'm a high school senior and I just received my LOA from USMA. Class of 2019. :smile: I'm a Varsity cheerleader and long distance track and field runner! I hope to be a Rabble Rouser next year so if anyone knows anything about tryouts please comment...