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    Question about going Active Duty

    So my goal in mind is to become an army officer . I will be trying to win the AROTC scholarship and will be applying to USMA . I have heard that you can enlist then go to college and commission and that that route might be a good option. Their is someone at my school who enlisted and is going to...
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    Question about going Active Duty

    Hello everyone! A little about me, I'm a junior in high school and want to commission as an officer in the Army. Alongside that, my hope is that I'll get an active duty slot (if I don't win the AROTC scholarship). So my question is, if for instance I enlist when I turn 17, then I go to...
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    Army Competitiveness Questions

    Hello everybody. A little about me, I am going into my junior year of high school, my goal is to attend USMA or win an AROTC Scholarship, and I want to commission as an Officer into the United States Army. I could go into all of my "stats" and stuff like that but I'll save that for another...