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    USMA Myopia Waiver?

    Has there been any documented cases where West Point has granted a waiver for myopia?
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    No Nomination

    I did not receive a nomination to USAFA. Has there been any documented cases where the academy gives out late nomination to highly desired candidates or candidates receiving an open slot from a different district/state?
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    Myopia Waiver Rebuttal?

    I've received a phone call from my RC this morning that USMA have not granted a waiver for my high myopia due my "progressive dry eyes" symptoms that could lead to increased risk for retinal detachment. This came as a shock to me, for I have never been diagnosed by my family optometrist for any...
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    Waivers for Different SA

    I'm sorry I do not remember the exact number, I think it was somewhere along -9.5 and -8.5. I've heard that USAFA are generally more lenient with myopia waivers than USMA and USNA.
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    Waivers for Different SA

    I have been medically cleared and received a waiver from USAFA for my high myopia. Does this waiver carry over to USMA as well?
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    Asthma Remedial

    Can anyone confirm if a doctor statement will work in lieu of medical records?
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    Asthma Remedial

    Hello all, I've had a history of childhood asthma, and have not used my inhaler for over 9 years. Since then, I have moved across the country and my paperwork regarding asthma has been lost. Now, I have been requested to "Provide copies of all medical and surgical health records regarding...
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    Next Step?

    Hi everyone, I'm from a very competitive district (TX-03), and I have been working very hard for the last five years to make sure my profile is competitive enough for admission (34 ACT, varsity swim team captain, NHS president, founder of a biking club, etc.). I have submitted everything on the...
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    2021 Applicants!

    TX-03 Checking in!