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    c/o 2019 wait list

    I too was wait listed for the class of 2019. I received my TWE this week. Last week I also had a meeting with the Dean of Admissions for USNA. He said that the class was already about 10 people larger than they were hoping and that they have not had to use the Wait List yet this year...
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    c/o 2019 wait list

    So how many people on here are still on the wait list?
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    NROTC Scholarship Chances

    As someone whole has received an NROTC scholarship for the upcoming year, I'd say your chances are looking pretty good. I recommend doing more community service such as an animal shelter, food pantry, an volunteer at a veterans nursing home. Your physical fitness could also use some work. I'd...
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    c/o 2019 wait list

    For all those who received THE email, does your application status on the portal still say you're on the wait list?
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    c/o 2019 wait list

    I'm just wondering if anyone from the Midwest has heard back or seen any updates to the portal?
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    When does ROTC contact me?

    I'm doing NROTC, but i received a huge packet from FedEx on Tuesday.