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    AROTC Advanced Camp 2023

    Does anyone have any further details on the timeline for Family Day? I know we meet them at the theater and they’re released at 12. What time do they have to report back? Do they have travel restrictions (distance from post)? Is a Branch Orientation also going on that day? Representatives from...
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    Post Commissioning awaiting BOLC questions

    Unfortunately PX and most other jobs require you to either be a LN or be command sponsored dependent or already a DoD employee of some sort. Hiring preferences are a bit different here. Doesn’t Tricare 708 coverage begin at commissioning?
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    Post Commissioning awaiting BOLC questions

    What are newly commissioned 2LTs opportunities while waiting for BOLC dates? We are aware of Gold Bar Recruiter and Cadet Summer Camp Cadre positions. Are there any other official options through Cadet Command for internships or training? Know most recents graduates move home and work a temp...
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    Post-Grad Question

    Definitely go overseas. They’ll get COLA which will be a small bump in their pay, loaner furniture and appliances from the Army so they don’t have to worry about fully furnishing their apartment.
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    Contact PMS or ROO - Campus based scholarship

    WooHoo good news the approval finally came through yesterday!!! He’s so excited and a ton of stress off his shoulders! Now fingers crossed he can get the summer training he wants...
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    Contact PMS or ROO - Campus based scholarship

    Thanks for the insight!! I believe he’s talking to the ROO almost daily and that the ROO is talking higher several times a week. He’s been told it’s “with the BDE nurse”...not sure exactly what that means other than maybe it’s still pending review by the CC surgeon. Hopefully they can clear...
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    Contact PMS or ROO - Campus based scholarship

    Our DS applied for and “received” a 3 year campus AROTC scholarship at the end of his freshman year last year. This summer he completed all the DODMERB requirements and the PMS submitted one waiver where it was required. ROO is new and clearly has a learning curve although seems to be...
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    DODMERB Consultants

    I have met Dr Merchant as we lived in CoS while DS was in HS and we knew he’d need a couple waivers and wanted help navigating. Our experience was similar to the other posters. He was super friendly and knowledgeable in the beginning. We even sat down in his living room and went over DS’s...
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    Sponsored Prep Swimmers

    It seems like WP is now using Fork Union as their choice prep school for swim recruits (used to be Mercersburg Academy in PA). It don't seem to be one of the more common prep schools though they do list a small PG program on their website. Online reviews and comments on the school are either...
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    ADHD waiver criteria

    Thank you both! We've already discuss with his doc about going off his mess. The doc is fully supportive and encouraged it. I will make sure we get documentation from her. We'll talk with the school GC and ensure we also document that the 504 is being rescended.
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    ADHD waiver criteria

    Hi there! New the forum...DS is interested in attending USMA and will need a waiver for his ADHD. He has the potential to be a recruited athlete so that might help with the waiver process. Anyway, I can see the disqualifying criteria for DODMERB and he'll get automatically DQ'd for his 504...