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    ROTC scholarship has yet to pay.....

    This happened to us as well with my DS his first semester (now a MS III). Nothing you can do as said above. Welcome to dealing with any governmental agency.
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    Volunteering for a deployment/ taking a semester off

    Agree also with everyone above. Life moves fast. Don’t rush it. You’ll have plenty of time to gain experience. And that time of growth will serve you well.
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    VMI Admissions Advice

    Try the ACT as well. Some students do better on ACT than SAT. And vice versa. But worth the effort to get the score you want to achieve to give you your best shot.
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    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    My DS is a MS III as well and was told the same.
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    SA and ROTC - what do you say in interview?

    My son did both and why wouldn’t anyone try. Ultimately he went the AROTC route and frankly it’s been an incredible experience for him. Wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s been awesome watching him grow from his time as a MS1 to now MS3 and being chosen as a squad leader. Neither route is...
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    Speaking to Parents

    I am a non military parent. When our son came to us with his desire to serve I couldn’t have been prouder. No qualms, no arguments. I did however use this forum a great deal and asked a lot of questions. All I’ve ever cared about with my kids is they are happy. Life is too short to go into a...
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    Very proud parent

    Congratulations...I’ve always tried to live by this simple quote I found years ago when things were hard and teach my kids the same motto (sounds like your DD has learned this lesson)...”The greater the struggle the greater the rewards”. Well done and congrats to her.
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    Former ROTC PMS View: The Importance of Mock Interview Preparation

    It’s an important skill for young people they’ll need to learn for life. When I interview young people for jobs, you can tell quickly who fits and who doesn’t. Practicing interview skills is very important. Thanks for posting. I hope a lot of these prospective candidates take up your advice!
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    Commissioning Gift

    All great. Thanks so much. Greatly appreciative of all of you taking the time to respond.
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    Commissioning Gift

    Thank you all. Greatly appreciated
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    Commissioning Gift

    Question is coming from non military parents. Is there a “special” commissioning gift for AROTC DS graduate? I know academy grads have the sword I think. What would be a special gift to purchase for DS who will commission? Thanks for any advice.
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    What's your opinion AROTC

    Agree. Let your DS handle it. Like everything in life they need to learn to deal with authority on their own. Not always easy but guide them and let them handle the situation.
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    AROTC perspective 1 year in

    This is a great post. My DS also had a 3yr and is now fully contracted, top 3 in his class and loving it. Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Great post and good luck to all that choose to lead and protect our great country.
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    PFA Test Instructor (AROTC)

    We used our DS’s licensed personal trainer as well for my son and had no issues w AROTC.
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    CULP 2019

    Does anyone know are the announcements all done at once or in waves?
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    CULP applications due tomorrow 10/31

    Good luck to her. My DS applied as well. Such a great experience.
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    AFROTC Stipend

    Thank you
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    AFROTC Stipend

    Is that for all branches or just AF
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    Army ROTC Scholarship- file upload incomplete?

    That is likely why. Always double check too so you ensure all your activities, sports, etc have been filled in. Like anything, double and triple check. But my guess is if the interview is not uploaded then obviously it would show as “incomplete”
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    Selection Board Dates

    You do not need to be cleared by DoDMERB to be offered or accept the scholarship. BUT, you must be cleared by DoDMERB or you can not receive the funding or stipend. If you are awarded a scholarship you will see on the acceptance form they send you the stipulations...cleared by DoDMERB, pass...