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    For BCT pictures and for the discount on the merchandise that you are going to buy the first year, it's worth it. I have to say near the end of BCT I was getting pretty tired of playing "where's waldo" but got very good at recognizing my DD ear, back, etc in photos! Now that the first year is...
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    I might be remembering this incorrectly but last year you couldn't advance in the portal if you didn't submit a record of all the immunizations that they asked for. I would check that. Some of them seemed unusual (like getting another booster for something that technically she was up-to-date...
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    Current Cadet - Private Medical Care - Prescription

    When we got the I-day handbook last summer, it recommended that we keep our children on our medical insurance for now. Since I have to cover my other college student, I have just kept my DD on it as well because it didn't affect the cost. She is going to see a dermatologist for acne while she...
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    Accepting Two Offers

    My DD accepted her acceptance to her Plan B college (private) and then deferred for a year when she got her USAFA acceptance. When she told them why, they were pretty understanding about it. Seeing as she is very happy at the academy, I think we are going to need to cancel that. We will lose our...
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    The Final ACT numbers are In

    My daughter got that notice as well (though I don't remember it saying her application would be closed if she didn't do it). She had just played in a tournament the day before and was very sore when she did the CFA. She redid it a few weeks later and now is a C4C cadet. So it can all work out!
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    Guidance Counselor Dragging Feet

    I would also add, stay on top of your application on the USAFA site. For my DD, her application page had a disclaimer at the top saying that they were a little behind and kept showing her ACT scores as not being there. This was despite the fact that she had sent them in early (September)...