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    NROTC Online App later than normal for 2015?

    Hello everyone. Been stalking for a while but now my DS is about ready to take the plunge w/NROTC scholarship app for Fall 2015 and I'm going to need a little help, I'm sure. So, here I am...:biggrin: The first thing to pop up that seems a little strange is that the online NROTC Scholarship...
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    Getting going w/NROTC candidate

    Hello everyone. I'm a retired Navy SWO/Ga Tech NROTC grad who has 3 boys, the oldest being a junior in HS and very interested in NROTC. I've been stalking for 2 years or so on the ROTC portion of this forum and am now in the Q&A mode, so decided to join. Glad to finally be part of the...