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    Reapplicant - USAFA requested a Present Health Questionnaire

    I have only submitted a few things for USAFA so far, not anywhere near the 50% threshold that I have been told about where academies act upon, (Navy is my #1, WP is #2) and they have requested a Present Health Questionnaire. Is this a sign of early interest (wishful thinking)? Or some other...
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    Sending a resume to admissions

    I'm wondering if candidates are allowed to send hard copy resumes to admissions? Such as the resumes we send to MOCs.
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    Challenges the Academy produces

    ITT: Challenges the Academy produces. Physical and Academic are a given.
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    Improvements for my Application

    Prepare for a long and arduous relationship with DoDMERB this next year
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    Deja Vu

    I just submitted my Prelim application for USNA... boy does this feel familiar. Not too excited to restart this agonizing process, but very excited for the potential award. Second times a charm, right?
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    No Nomination, Still Haven't Heard Back....

    So I do not have a nomination to West Point and I plan on attending Greystone Prep this fall; however, I still have yet to receive a TWE email from West Point. Is there still a possibility of a prep school slot without a nomination? My friend got into AFA's Prep school without a nomination but...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Is April 15th not the cut off point to tell candidates their status? It's just that it's already 9pm here and I still have not heard a peep from AFA. I understand that they are 3 hours behind EST, but still that means its 6pm there. I have a JROTC nom if that helps indicate/resonate with anyone...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    If the shoe fits. Thank you if that was sincere...
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    5 days left of CPR!!!

    TWE. I'm down for this year as well, but not out. Will be back next year!
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    Wait is over for me too for this year. TWE, I'm sure some crodegy old shills over in off-topic will be overjoyed. Thanks for the help over here in this board, I will be back next year if AFA turns me down too. I'll be at Greystone if thats the case. Ciao.
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    USAFA or USNA? Objective advice requested

    From what I have heard from my ROTC friends, AF is looking for more fighter pilots because of recent decreases of squadron retention. So if he wants to fly, the AF is the AF. But, Navy does have great flight options as well. Tell him to go with what his heart says, where he will be happy is key...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    I hope we can break 160 reported appointments!
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    5 days left of CPR!!!

    New appointment just reported! Proof there is still hope in this final week fellow CPRs, keep your heads up!
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    CONGRATS! When did you get the email? Early morning?
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    War with Syria?

    Is that a threat? I talked about a few controversial issues when I was being interviewed, and those on the board obviously thought I was eloquent/qualified enough to give me nominations. I am not hiding behind online anonymity, this board demands it. I would defend any and all of my opinions to...
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    Sports should not define Academies

    Are you done being petty? Rise above, man.
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    War with Syria?

    Nice. Dismissive and nonsensical.
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    War with Syria?

    How immature. Seriously. It takes a certain caliber of closed-mindedness to make a statement like that. What a patriot. I know free speech does not apply here, and that's fine, but don't try and claim you or others that support banning someone over opinions disagreeing is worrisome. Same...
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    War with Syria?

    I suppose I shouldn't think through bombing a village/hospital/whatever as long as command tells me to, right? Just following orders... "If you succeed in obtaining a commission and you try to change the role "NeoCons" have put us in, it would be, indeed , your bad." That's a foreign policy...
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    War with Syria?

    Respect goes both ways, something some of these blowhards seem to forget in their infinite wisdom. But yes, we need to address the Syrian crisis with Global help, not unilaterally that is my entire point. I don't want the U.S go in alone anymore, EU nations+ others need to start pulling their...