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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    swimgirl, I'm confused. You just posted your third appointment today? USMA, USAFA, then USNA 2 minutes later? Is that correct, or are you posting the same appointment on the different threads?
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    C/O 2019 Mailbox Stalkers

    93Sir, sorry and surprised to read your post. Out of curiosity, if you had to take a stab at why you think your DS may have not received the appointment, what would be your guess? I certainly don't mean to pry and please don't respond if it's uncomfortable to discuss. I'm just at a loss to...
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    Class of 2019 Nomination/Appointment Thread

    Is it just my browser, or did we just lose about 6 week's worth of posts on this thread?
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    Have the majority already been appointed?

    Agreed, I had run the same math, and figured about 450 from the National Pool. My question is, and from what I have heard those in the National Pool are ranked and evaluated based solely on WCS, where are those 450 offers charged? Or are the appointments made from the National Pool not charged...
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    How many nominating sources?

    Sorry if I'm rehashing old discussions, but I'm still curious if I understand the numbers correctly. I believe all the MOC's combined, (+25% for their add'l appt every 4th year), plus Presidential, VP, etc, totals approximately 770 possible appointments charged to nominating sources. So I am...
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    AM I competitive enough for USNA

    My question would be, what do you hope to gain by asking? Are you going to walk away if someone here tells you a 28 math isn't good enough?
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    Just curious...

    I keep reading comments about what a mess last year was, what exactly happened last year?
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Surpprised this thread dropped off the front page......
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    How many are left?

    From everything I've been reading it is closer to 2,100 - 2,200 3Q'd and nominated, with 1,400 - 1,500 appointments offered. That's over 60% - 70%. Question, can a candidate find out, or is it possible to calculate, the WCS?
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    Nominations Slate Question

    Actually I was wondering if there was a correlation between the timing of appointments for Principal noms vs competitive. Do principal noms necessarily get reviewed & recieve appointments earlier than those from competitive slates? Or is it purely a matter of when the board picks up that stack?
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    Nominations Slate Question

    Is there any source, or does anyone know how to find out whether each MOC submits principal, ranked, or competitive slates for nominations?
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    Nominations per state

    I guess I am just very surprised to hear that somewhere between 40% - 60% of those receiving nominations either do not follow through or are not qualified for some other reason. I would have guessed that most receiving nominations would also be qualified.
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    Nominations per state

    Ok, so in effect you are saying there are 1,000' s of candidates who receive nominations who are not 3Q'ed? I think that's the part I was unsure of. I assumed that a candidate would have to be 3Q'ed in order to receive a nomination.
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    Nominations per state

    I don't know, I think that's part of what I don't understand. How are there only about 2,000 candidates both qualified and nominated if there are 5,000+ nominations. Does that make sense, or am I totally missing part of the equation?
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    Nominations per state

    Can anyone shed a little light on the numbers of nominations vs appointments, I'm a little confused. If there are 535 MOC's with up to 10 nominations each, plus presidential, VP, Reserve, etc, there could be 5,000+ nominations, correct? I understand many MOC's may not fill their 10...