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    Masters degree

    I served 21 years on active duty after graduating from USNA and got my Master's partially paid for via Tuition Assistance around the half-way mark. (Couldn't get full-time graduate program, so I spread it out with night classes over multiple years. Fun times writing a Master's Thesis during my...
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    Best Majors at USNA

    Group 3 (Humanities and Social Sciences majors) were called Bull majors back in my day. Yes, there is a stigma, but worth it to have a better quality of life during the already packed and challenging four years. (As we say in the Navy - "Choose your Rate, Choose your Fate." ) It used to be...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Just found this site and registered. Adding my D's appointment info to line #62. 1. williamsrn, 19 NOV 2014, VA-02, Presidential Nom 2. OsseousProgenitor (DS), 26 OCT 2014, MD-08, Presidential Nom 3. b1driver (DS), 30 Oct 2014, VA-01, Presidential Nom, Virginia 4. BigBadWolf, 26 Oct 2014...