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  1. Fiona1124

    CFA video rejected

    My DD had hers rejected several times, the pullups. We ended up putting her on a pull up bar in the garage with nothing around her where a clear video could be seen. It can be a difficult angle to get.
  2. Fiona1124

    USMA Yuk mom - Questions?

    I am the mom of a 2024. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Fiona1124

    Accept and then decline

    My DD was had a similar thing happen, but in reverse. She received her offer to USNA first but her dream was USMA. She found it was her fit after much research and several visits to each academy. She also received an AROTC scholarship to Vanderbilt. We discussed it a great deal (too much...
  4. Fiona1124

    Where to retire?

    What is the parent group in that area? I am moving to East Texas in a couple of months and would love to get invovled with them.
  5. Fiona1124

    Where to retire?

    Woodway is the nicer part of Waco for sure! My mom lives near there!
  6. Fiona1124

    Current Female CO 2024 - It's that time again! Ask me anything!

    From a parent, we were told no packages could be received at all during Beast without specific approval by your Cadre.
  7. Fiona1124

    Note for Class of 2025 and their parents from a 2024 mom

    @TLR2025 USMMA willl take good care of him. I had to trust that very thing sending mine across the country to USMA. She's managed, embraced the changes, and grown so much over the last year. I sometimes wonder where my little girl went and where this wonderful young woman emerged from. But what...
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    Note for Class of 2025 and their parents from a 2024 mom

    Hello everyone! First of all, Congratulations to all of you! I know this may find many of you with the relief of receiving your appointment, FINALLY, and now moving forward to how to prepare for what's coming, looking for any and every list out there to make things easier later. I wanted to...
  9. Fiona1124

    Perpetual Torment

    Last year, my DD didn't show up in informed delivery either! Please keep in mind that informed delivery can also be a blessing and a curse. My DD received several TWE commmunications that were not denials, just informational, and nearly gave us a heart attack everytime waiting for the mail to be...
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    Current Female CO 2024 - It's that time again! Ask me anything!

    For those of you less accustomed to hot, humid climates, I highly recommend Prickly Heat powder for the heat rashes that will come. My DD had issues with as did many of her classmates last year. It is worth it...
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    Congrats to the Re-applicants! I love love love seeing your guys up there!
  12. Fiona1124

    Fingerprints and Eqip

    My DD went to the recruiter's office after being directed to complete finger printing in the portal. Make sure you take your letter stating you need the prints for West Point, just in case. Our local office required it, since a code they needed was on it.
  13. Fiona1124

    Little anxiety

    Like everyone else has state, be patient. My DD received her nom and appointment call in December and didn't get the official appointment from USMA until February.
  14. Fiona1124

    What boots should I buy?

    Mine wore and still wears Danner's and loves them. They also weren't on the boot memo last year and were allowed.
  15. Fiona1124

    Admitted to West Point - declining AROTC

    I concur with all the others above. My DD kept hers until closer to R day as well. What if you get hurt or change your mind about the academy. It is always better to keep all your options open.
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    Congrats to all of you that have received appointments! Just check your portals periodically to keep everything moving and updated. Please try not to obsess over all the forms just yet. Hug your parents, siblings and pet, spend time with friends that matter and ENJOY your what's left of your...
  17. Fiona1124

    LOA and Appointment timeline

    Just be patient, my DD is a plebe, so first hand knowledge on this one. The first wave of appointments came out on February 6 last year. She had the LOA and was 3Q as well. DD also did not receive a 3Q letter, just the check marks in her portal. I know the wait is awful, but please spend the...
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    Last year, it wasn't until February when the first wave of offers officially went out. My DD was in the same boat, 3Q + LOA = Feb 9 offer. It will come just be patient.
  19. Fiona1124

    LOA CFA submission questions

    My DD had the same thing happen, and it did not affect her LOA at all. She is currently a cadet.
  20. Fiona1124

    Principal Nominee

    And keep running when you think you've done enough!