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  1. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Resurrection Week VMI

    The rats are at their Breakout dinner with their Dykes right now. Cadre are practicing the "Cadre March-In" as we speak. The rat's guest speaker is the Reg. CO from my granddyke's class VMI '07 Sal Sferrazza Jr. He's spent the last week at VMI using his personal leave to come back, speak to the...
  2. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI packing list/Post View

    That's the best way to put it. Some things I would bring/do that I believe are essential or will make your life easier: Fan - (July/August heat in Virginia is no joke.) Internet cables (no wifi in barracks, unless you or a roommate bring a router) Power Strip - there are not enough...
  3. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Internet

    I really wouldn't advise doing this... I think they'll find out if and when they decide to come here. Anything more than what is said during an overnight stay should just be left alone.
  4. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Ratbook 2014 intro

    This is a trailer/teaser done by my class for the new class of 2014 documenting their ratline. The footage was collected by various members of the class of 2013 headed by our VP Woody Skudin. I believe all editing was done by another member of 2013, Alex Havermale. I wish we would have had these...
  5. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Summer training while in ROTC?

    I believe it's anywhere from 1-1.5 months. I don't remember too many of the details that our instructors briefed us on it. I believe it's going to be held somewhere out West, but can't be sure. I'm not sure on how competitive it is, but I know a guy in my class was trying to go, but couldn't...
  6. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Summer training while in ROTC?

    Since I've been here at VMI including this year we will have sent two cadets at the MSII level to Combat Dive School. We have another doing the pretests and if he succeeds he will go as well. So in all we have obtained three slots in two years. I'm assuming that the slots have always been there...
  7. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Summer training while in ROTC?

    I don't know exactly how NGCSU goes about giving their slots out, but I know that other schools allow cadets to either be contracted/scholarship or seeking with the intent of commissioning. The reason they would give a seeking cadet a slot would be in hopes of "hooking them in" for...
  8. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Officers..?

    To make sure this post isn't 5 paragraphs long I'll just break it down very quickly. CPLs - two chevrons on wrist CLERK - two chevrons, one horizontal diamond Color CPL - two chevrons, one star underneath SGT - two chevrons on shoulder OPSGT - two chevrons up, one down MSG - two...
  9. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    GoRuck Challenge Tough Mudder events

    Look for a VMI 2013 team in the Event in PA in April. (I believe that's when it is)
  10. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Ring Figure Weekend

    Haha you can say that again, but in due time I guess.
  11. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Army OML for commissioning

    This is the most important portion of that post: "Each cadet submits their 'wish list' of branches they want to choose. Each of the 16 branches has a set number of second lieutenants they want/need. To prevent one branch from getting all of the 'best' LTs, each branch will only take 1/2 of the...
  12. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Army OML for commissioning

    Found exactly what I was looking for at this link: For anyone that wanted to learn and/or was just curious here you go.
  13. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Army OML for commissioning

    From my basic understanding the OML works like a U shape where the top 30% get their choice then it goes down to the lower-ish 30-40% and the middle ends up in limbo getting what the army needs. I haven't generally arranged them in any specific order, but: 1. Armor 2. Infantry 3. MI 4...
  14. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Army OML for commissioning

    As I get closer towards commissioning i'm trying to gauge where I stand within my class, but also nationwide for AROTC. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me as best as they could how the oml works and things I might need to know for getting the specific branch I want?
  15. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Prospective Cadet

    Hey, who'd you stay with? I know a few of the rats in Hotel.
  16. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Application

    If I recall correctly, I don't remember writing one for the VMI application packet. The only reason I believe you should write a essay is if you are lacking in an area and need to explain yourself or if you feel that compelled to explain why you want to attend. While at my overnight I was able...
  17. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Application

    Essays, letters of recommendation, etc should all be sent in one manilla envelope to the admissions office. I chose to fill out a hard copy of the admissions packet so that I would have copies for myself to put on file until I was declined/deferred/accepted. One other good reason to put...
  18. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Possible Transfer to The Citadel

    While I'm not a Citadel cadet, i'm fairly familiar with the school. Everyone starts out as a knob regardless of transfer status, credits, etc. I remember when looking into whether i'd be put into a high academic class if I selected class I found that unless you have a had a "traditional" fourth...
  19. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Prospective Cadet

    After discussing the matter with one of my BRs who participates in AFROTC; I found out that if a non-commissioning cadet wants to stay in his/her respective ROTC program they will be allowed to stay (I believe this is just AFROTC). As I understood him, they are only introducing this starting...
  20. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Prospective Cadet

    A few suggestions: Attire: Unless you have an interview don't bother with wearing nice dress shoes. Bring a pair of comfortable clothes to change into after the days festivities are completed. Selecting ROTC Programs: Unless you're seeking a commission or actively seeking a scholarship (i.e...