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  1. jamzmom

    Merry Christmas from Jamzmom

    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!
  2. jamzmom

    Saddening News

    My entire heart goes out to Will's family, friends & the extended KP family. There aren't enough words to express this great loss. I've been two days in trying to work up just these unworthy few. :'(
  3. jamzmom


    Welcome Abby! Glad you're here. I'd post your question within the USNA and/or USAF threads as you've a better chance of getting an answer there. One bit of advice... do do do take the time to scan through the threads & gather as much information as you can. There is so much good information...
  4. jamzmom

    Firefighting Training Pictures

    Thanks for the pix USMMADAD. :thumb:
  5. jamzmom

    Hi There!!

    Welcome Mariposa! Congratulations on your successes thus far. Good luck on the future.
  6. jamzmom

    USNA/NROTC Candidate Mom

    Welcome & thanks for joining us here. We hope some of the information found here has been beneficial in helping with your daughter's application process. Good luck!
  7. jamzmom

    USMA and SMC hopeful!

    Happy that you've found us Tonk. Welcome & best wishes in your future plans.
  8. jamzmom

    One of those guys with an X

    Welcome Mr. Thayer. We hope that you'll enjoy your time here.
  9. jamzmom

    Leadership Opportunities at KP

    North Folk, I'd advise that there is much sage advice between KP alumni & veteran parents here. It sometimes may seem that we ask new parents to just follow along blindly, as the bystanders we are, but I beg you to keep the advice close at hand for later when it will make more sense. That said...
  10. jamzmom

    Ring dance

    :yllol::yllol::yllol::yllol: Oh my Jasperdog. What a giggle. There never seemed to be a lack of Mid Hounds from what I could tell.
  11. jamzmom

    New Moderator - buff81

    Thank you Buff81. I hope you don't listen to Moderator gossip that I accidentally deleted the site once. It didn't count as a true delete when TN had it back in an hour's time so...... See ya in the break room at 10am for danish & latte! Nap time is at 1pm followed by Happy Hour at.... you...
  12. jamzmom

    New Moderator - USNA1982BGO

    USNA1982BGO, thanks for joining TEAM SAF. Please fill out form 101-SOS and return it asap in order to receive your free Welcome to the Dark Side official t-shirt & bag of cookies. :thumb:
  13. jamzmom

    Hi all

    Greetings Mark. Glad you found the site helpful & best of luck at Santa Clara. Thanks for your service.
  14. jamzmom

    USMMA Flag

    Jasperdog, I think the same as you. Mine wasn't from official Academy resources for sure. Hate to say, but I think KP parents both new & old will have to find a new source to have one made? Hello state KP parent fund raisers? I'm on the hunt for an AF flag at the moment though. Zonk, those...
  15. jamzmom

    USMMA Flag

    The tag on my flag says "Wingate". A quick search on their web site shows they no longer carry it. It had to have been a fundraiser item way back when. Its not made from quality materials hence it's retirement to the garage for UV protection. :smile:
  16. jamzmom

    USMMA Flag

    Promise you guys aren't going to hang me from the yard arm?.... but... I have a KP flag. Its hanging in my garage that Zonker admires so much. :biggrin: Just stepped out there to snap this photo: I swear I can't recall where I'd obtained it. It was early on though, probably 05/06. I DO...
  17. jamzmom

    Citadel: Knobs report tomorrow

    Sending my best wishes as well. Keep smiling on the inside. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Every time they tell you to drink.... drink. The 105 heat index & 100% humidity has been a killer down here. See ya'll on the other side. Good luck Knobs. :thumb:
  18. jamzmom

    No Facebook, No Skype, No food, No printers

    DinghyMom got a :biggrin: from me this morning by mentioning toilet paper shortage. They seemed to have gotten by that issue by finding just enough to tee pee every tree on campus one year. I'm sure it wasn't humorous to some folks at the time.... but...... LOL
  19. jamzmom

    No Facebook, No Skype, No food, No printers

    I can't agree with Jasperdog more. Keep in mind folks, you're hearing from kids who are making a huge adjustment. They are burning calories left & right & can't snack as they used to. Hell yeah, they are hungry. They're also beat up mentally & they're sleep deprived. Probably overwhelmed at the...
  20. jamzmom

    SC Nominations . . . When would one expect to hear

    Answers in order, no - no - yes. I can't stress enough that applicants need to apply to every nominating source they can. All you need is one. They are competitive.