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    AFROTC 5 colleges

    Also keep in mind that even though some schools WILL take away merit monies if one gets ROTC, I know some schools will also reapply it if you drop out of ROTC. It's important to have this in writing but that will definitely be a factor in my kid's choice of college.
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 1st Board

    Yeah that was the article I saw. 130 scholarship cadets did not make it. I can't find an exact number but looking at other stats, I am going to say a total of 1000 scholarship cadets for that cohort(probably more). So 13% of scholarship cadets not making it...I would think it comparable to the...
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 1st Board

    Kind of a stretch to say 'very often.' Even in the controversial COVID year, over 70% made it through. And I'm sure the # is even higher for scholarship cadets, probably pushing 90% for scholarship cadets.
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 1st Board

    Hmmm...I assumed B/UC meant what it said, but I guess the only way to know for sure is to answer "Are there any Winners?"
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 1st Board

    Boarded on Monday and now changed to Boarded/UC....onto round 2. Didn't even consider round 2 as a possibility so will need to look when that board convenes.
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    Excess ROTC scholarship

    I'd be satisfied with up to cost of attendance. A lot of schools will use ROTC funds to take away from the funds they would normally award, leaving you with a lot to make up for. Take Vanderbilt. you can have a family contribution of only $25000 but the cost of attendance is $90,0000. They will...
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    AROTC National Guard vs AD

    Since there is no guarantee that you can go National Guard, I would think this shows you have thought it out and have interest, period. But, when you commit, you are committing to active duty or reserves and it is not completely your decision when it comes down to it.
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    Scholarship AS100 Repayment

    Don't the last 2 lines contradict each other? If a 4 yr scholarship student accepts/(activates?) for his freshman yr, and then disenrolls prior to sophomore yr, does he have a commitment or obligation to pay back the freshman year? The last line says no but the line before says they are...
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    How long for PMS interview to be completed?

    Green check here was done about 48 hrs after interview. In fact, anything that requires manual updates is done super quick...pleasantly surprised with the process(Army and Air Force).
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    AFROTC- Convert type 7 to Type 2- 5th year?

    Hoping to received an AFROTC scholarship. I know tech majors are eligible for a 5th year scholarship, if needed. My top school is OOS so I would not be able to apply a 4 year Type 7. If I convert to a 3 year type 2 and am a tech major, does anyone know if I would then be eligible for scholarship...
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    AFROTC 1st board stats

    Anyone willing to share stats from 1st board selects or reboards? There was someone who seemed to have the official stats from each board but they do not post anymore. I was reboarded. Have 3.9 GPA and 32 ACT. 95 on PFT and thought interview went well. Tech major.