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  1. Ozzy33

    2028 State Nominations Thread

    My DS too - Gillibrand week of Nov 13th & Schumer week of Nov 27th. No feedback yet.
  2. Ozzy33

    2028 State Nominations Thread

    My DS had one last week & one this week from our NYS senators (both virtually). Congressman is this weekend in person.
  3. Ozzy33

    lack of leadership

    Agree with @A1Janitor regarding Boys/Girls state. Also, you could create a club at your school or set up a charity drive.
  4. Ozzy33

    AMI updates - anyone?

    Tried that first. Earliest we could fine one in an 1hr radius is 3 months out. I’m still trying though.
  5. Ozzy33

    AMI updates - anyone?

    My DS received a response in early August (prob right around 8/16ish). He provided all the required information & then questioned their initial DQ. DS didn’t agree w/ rejection (appeared DODMERB used different dates? Idk but it didn’t make any sense). After the initial follow up, they sent a new...
  6. Ozzy33

    Israel Orders the Evacuation of 1.1 Million People.

    praying for everyone involved
  7. Ozzy33

    First Appointment

    Same here. DS’ district nomination closes Oct 22nd.
  8. Ozzy33

    Triple qualified letter

    My DS said the over night visit was extremely helpful in arriving at his decision. He really enjoyed the Calc & Chem classes. Hope your son enjoys it too!
  9. Ozzy33

    "Please submit a MFR stating no symptoms or medication..."

    My DS was asked to provide the same info. Definitely stressed about it for him. Don’t know MFR either & asked the same question. Like the idea of visiting the DODMERB website.
  10. Ozzy33

    Anyone get correspondence about their Waiver?

    My DS received his waiver request this week from USMA but he now has to respond to his new AMI. It took about 1 month from DODMERB’s initial response for USMA to initiate the waiver request, however, he is considered a competitive candidate which may have played into USMA’s decision.
  11. Ozzy33

    Congressional Interview

    Tips - find someone to “interview” you, preferably a teacher, mentor or parent. Have them ask you questions around the following (first link): why a SA, why this particular SA, an example of how you exhibited leadership, etc… Try to stick to a STAR format as best as you can but don’t stress...
  12. Ozzy33

    Competitive District?

    Thank you everyone. All the responses were very informative.
  13. Ozzy33

    Competitive District?

    How would I know if DS lives in a competitive district? I have read a handful of threads that discuss the challenges of living in one but I can’t tell if it applies to our district. We’ve tried researching it but either we are not using the right search words or it’s just something that is known...
  14. Ozzy33

    LOE received but already had an LOA.. does this supersede the LOA ?

    Thank you for sharing. My son received both - first the LOA & then the LOE. I understand the goal is the appointment but was definitely confused as what it meant and if one supersedes the other.