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    New to forum

    Based on 2018 its more like ~2,000 qualified, ~1,400 appointed for a yield just under 1,200 so thats a pretty solid 70% chance. I like those odds. Fingers crossed for a BFE, but make sure to have a solid plan B.
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    Competitiveness decreasing? (2017/2018 profile)

    We're making some pretty interesting assumptions here. As a female URM with a 34 ACT I can tell you that neither females or URMs inherently bring down the class profile.
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    Any recent NROTC scholarships?

    Thanks! Same with me for Northwestern, I haven't heard anything and won't till April. They don't have an early action program and I didn't want to commit to ED without knowing about ROTC or USNA. I haven't yet submitted my supplement so I'll be sure to mention I've won the scholarship in my Why...
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    Any recent NROTC scholarships?

    Thanks! I got my nomination very early - its been on my portal since 4 NOV but my app has only been complete since December 1 - I had to work out a DoDMERB Remedial. Waiting is the worst though, best of luck to your DS!
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    Any recent NROTC scholarships?

    I just got notified today! 4 year NROTC scholarship to my first choice, Northwestern University. Tier 3 major, 33 ACT, 3.84 GPA with 10 AP classes, top 15% of graduating class. Still waiting on USNA though!
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    Forwarding CFA results

    I'm planning to retest even though I passed at SLE, but I'm not sure whether to send them the scores I have now as kind of a placeholder. All I'm concerned about is my mile run, I had a very off day and ran a 9:47. Should I send my SLE scores to USNA and USAFA or wait till I retest?
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    I got a CVW invite as well. I went to a CVW after applying to NASS in Feb of this year, so I don't really need to go again. If you haven't gone its a great opportunity and really solidified me wanting to go to USNA.
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    To take the SAT again?

    I'm also a 2019 candidate with a 33 composite ACT however my subscores are 35 English and 28 Math. Even if I get my math up to 30-32 on the Sept ACT will the weak math score on my first ACT count against me? Do you have any advice for getting my math score up?
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    Is the CGA too small?

    Thanks for the responses. My goal is to go to a service academy, so I've been looking into all of them, though Navy is my first choice at the moment (and I know things may change). BR2011, I can't name 1000 people at my high school either, so you do have a point there. I started the AIM...
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    Is the CGA too small?

    I'm a current junior considering the CGA, but to me the biggest drawback is the tiny student body. I'd be very hesitant to attend a college with a student body smaller than my high school. To any students, alums, etc. - does the academy seem too small?
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    SLE 2014

    I got my offer on Feb 5 with similar scores - 201 PSAT 2020 SAT and some leadership stuff, no varsity sports at the time. I am a hispanic female from Colorado, though. Your stats definitely are comparable to mine - if I have a chance you must, hang in there!
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    Bring a pillow! I didn't and regretted it. I didn't use any of the workout clothes I brought but other drags worked out with their mids. Basically just bring everything on the list they give you and you'll be set :) its a lot of fun, enjoy it!
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    Is this true?

    At my CVW the plebes (6th Company) didn't rate media -- they mostly still were able to watch youtube videos, listen to music etc. They had some relaxed restrictions because of us, I watched Gran Torino with a few other plebes and drags. Seems like they mostly don't have a ton of time to watch tv...
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    Summer Seminar 2014

    Thanks for easing my worries with the personal statement. I'm from Colorado and have strong test scores (201 PSAT, 2020 SAT - first try), so there still may be hope. I'm looking forward to the CVW and have already accepted USMA SLE Session 1 as well. Should I notify USNA that I can now only...
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    Summer Seminar 2014

    I'm worried that my personal statement wasn't good or long enough, when I submitted (on the first day) I was completely unaware that these were things students were putting a lot of time and effort into... It was only about a paragraph saying that navy is my first choice college and I want to go...
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    Anyone Who Got Accepted into SLE

    My stats were 2020 SAT 3.84 GPA Varsity Debate SNHS Officer NHS Member JV Tennis and Swimming (couldn't participate sophomore year due to injury) Hispanic Female from Colorado I was accepted on about a week ago and am going to session two!
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    Should I bother applying to ROTC and SA's?

    Actually, I think I qualify under that standard -- I have no complications and according to that standard it's only a dq with complications. Thanks a lot!
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    Should I bother applying to ROTC and SA's?

    I'm a HS junior looking to go to USNA, USAFA or do NROTC, but I have GERD that is completely controlled by medication (40mg of Nexium every morning) and had surgery to repair a torn labrum in my hip last March. I have seen on some older websites that GERD is a dq, but on some newer ones that...
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    Summer Seminar 2014

    I started the application today too and have a few questions: My school only reports weighted GPA, do I calculate UW, ask my school to, or report weighted? Are the admissions rolling? Would there be any advantage in weighting for first semester grades, PSAT and SAT (taking it 12/7) scores...
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    When Can You Apply for NROTC?

    Thanks! I'm taking the SAT next month (seemed so far away when I registered) and making an effort to get in better shape. I won't be team captain as I'll only be playing a sport junior and senior year at my current school (transferred in after freshman year, was injured sophomore year), but...