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    Broken collarbone

    As previously posted, it depends on the break and how it healed. My son is a USAFA grad who broke his collarbone twice and is a USAF pilot. The first time was at age 14 which healed without any hardware but required a minor surgery to remove a bone spur. The second time was while he was at the...
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    prep school offer - what to advise DD?

    I know many view as "Golden Ticket". But I believe I've seen 20-25% don't move on to USAFA. Of course that might be self selection. After all cadets also leave USAFA.
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    Watched Threads disappeared ???

    My apologies to all for the erroneous prior post due to user error on my part, all of my "Watched Threads" are there. Please ignore or Admin feel free to delete the whole thread. I navigated to the page by clicking on "Forums:Watched Threads"As it turns out I was seeing only one item which had...
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    Watched Threads disappeared ???

    I've been collecting threads for future reference by selecting"Watch Thread". Today I wanted to check on one of them and found that my list of "Watched threads" had only one item in it? Is there some type of rule which would cause the items to fall of the list due to inactivity, age, etc...
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    I believe that Raptor22 was referring to Marion Military Institute. They as well as a number of other Prep Schools have a good success rate at helping re-applicants improve their chances of attaining an appointment. Although, given your DS has Embry Riddle as well as Texas AM, there is nothing...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Not meaning to put words in his mouth but Christcorp stated that his son received a RAND Scholarship and entered a PhD program immediately out of the Academy in this Grad School after USAFA thread. You may want to check out his first post as well as others throughout that thread.
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    Complicated story - will I be able to apply?

    Apologies for the length of this post. While the quoted prior post contains many good suggestions, if you can do them, you need not necessarily take them as absolutes particularly if your educational environment did not offer those opportunities. I also want to take exception with some portions...
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    Complicated story - will I be able to apply?

    If you are a US citizen and meet all other requirements you can apply even if you are currently residing outside of the U.S.. My DS who is currently a cadet at the Academy lived in the U.S. for less than 3 years and was residing outside the U.S. when he applied to USAFA. He attended schools in...
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    Grad School after USAFA

    Apologies both for being so late in asking this question. Is it possible to reverse the order? That is take pilot training and then graduate school on scholarship? Or are you only allowed to pursue full scholarship graduate school immediately out of the Academy?
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    Foreign language placement?

    USAFA has a Cadet Semester Exchange Abroad Program (CSEAP) which includes the German and French military academies. So depending on USAFA’s needs she could be encouraged to continue in German or French.
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    Active Shooter False Alarm at USAFA Last Night

    The Denver Post seems to be going with: Social media fuels “hysteria” at Air Force Academy after Nerf gun battle is reported as shots fired. That is consistent with one rumor I had heard. However, I still can't believe that a "Nerf gun battle" can get twisted into "active shooter" situation...
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    Active Shooter False Alarm at USAFA Last Night

    You are correct, the entire facility was on lockdown. We were texting with DS who is current cadet during the event. It went on for a little over three hours. It was interesting how much false information was circulating on Facebook and the like. I am definitely interested in hearing the post...
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    Unique Case

    Just chiming in as to the accuracy of the prior posts. You need not worry about only having two years in a U.S. high school. My DS, USAFA class of 2020, moved across the Atlantic six times during his childhood including high school in two different countries. His high school's also did not have...
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    This change is consistent with new interview practices for this year. This has been mentioned in some other threads, for example: USAFA ALO interview and Interview.
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    Boy's State Application Question

    SA ==> abbreviation for Service Academy. You may find this and many others in "The Acronym List" within the Community Infirmation and Feedback sub forum.
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    Swimming at the USAFA

    First, your son should consider whether he is interested in USAFA and a career as an officer in the USAF. If so, he doesn't really have much to loose by trying and the interest of a coach may provide him with an advantage. Have you reviewed the USAFA Class 2020 profile thread? While the...
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    Help Contacting ALO.

    It really would be advisable for you to get a new user ID and to delete the email address from the post. Those evil doers who generate SPAM have robots that scan forums for email addresses. You should contact a moderator to effect the changes.
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    Surgery at USAFA related ???

    Thanks for the responses. Our DS will be having surgery later this week. As to having to stay off of Academy grounds for a few days, they have made arrangements for him to stay with a sponsor family. To date he hasn't had a sponsor family because there was a shortage when he was a C4C and he...
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    Surgery at USAFA related ???

    Are there any parents/cadets on the forum with first hand knowledge of USAFA cadet having surgery for broken bone injuries? In DS's case collar bone requiring metal plates and screws? (1) I'm assuming/hoping quality of medical wing surgeons is top notch. Are they? (2) Any ability for second...
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    Traffic violations - effecting entry??

    If you are interested in a career as an officer in the USAF you should apply. There are numerous posts where participants will put forward the view that experimenting with marijuana does not necessarily have to be a barrier to gaining entry. The key is how one responds to questions on the...