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    Very last minute question

    I just wanted to know if I am allowed to bring my Bible with me on I-Day and keep it throughout BCT. Thanks
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    Running During BCT

    I am running either 5 or 6 miles a day at 7:15-7:30min mile pace. Do you think that will get me prepared for the running aspect of BCT.
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    class of 2020 - bringing or not bringing boots?

    If you bring other boots not specified in the appointee packet (i.e. Nike or other lightweight boots) is it less likely that you will be allowed to wear them during BCT?
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    Ask Us (current cadets) Anything

    I understand that it is possible to be in the soaring program during the academic year while you are a four degree. How do you get placed in it? Is it considered an academic course, an athletic activity, an extracurricular activity, or none of the above? How does it affect your schedule as far...
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    Words From a Plebe (Sorry, Kind of Long)

    What did you do to get in shape for Beast? Can you give us some sense of what fitness level you were upon entering (if that makes sense). Thanks!
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    Choosing a Major

    I am an incoming appointee at USAFA for the class of 2020. Although I don't NEED to know right now, I'm researching different majors that interest me. Right now my first choice is definitely English; however, this might be a problem given the career path that I am interested in. I want to be a...
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    I-Day Packing

    The packing checklist in the appointee packet seems to be extremely specific and only mentions a few things to pack, one of which was not anti-chafing ointment. Just wondering if you are allowed to bring other things like chafing ointment and compression shorts etc. even if they are not...
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    Not accepted to AFASS, but am a candidate

    Whatever you do, DON'T get discouraged! I was pretty turned off after being rejected to summer programs at USAFA, USMA, and USNA and spent a little while in a bit of a pity party. However, I decided to complete the process to the best of my ability and just see what happened. It ended very well...
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    Is my understanding correct?

    Like I stated in my original post, I have already filled out DoDMERB paperwork and have received and accepted my appointment to USAFA. I'm not sure why you're telling me to walk on eggshells...DoDMERB is OVER. I completed all forms honestly and correctly. With all the crazy questions and...
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    Is my understanding correct?

    I have received and accepted my appointment to USAFA class of 2020 and am currently making my way through the appointee handbook and have a question regarding my eyes. When I was little (5ish) I had a condition called Strabismus or, a lazy eye. In order to correct it I had to have eye surgery...
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    Ask Us (current cadets) Anything

    I know most questions from us nervous/excited appointees probably sound redundant; however, I'll still ask. What is BCT like in your opinion- hard? Easy? Lots of screaming? What is knowledge like? Most importantly, what kind of physical shape do I need to be in? I run XC and track so even with...
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    Acceptance Possibly Revoked?

    Just saw the letter!! If I fax it in tonight will they withdraw my appointment?
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    Member Of Congress
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    Boy's state

    I am currently at West Point and during a short admissions briefing the admissions officer told us that they do not weigh the Summer Program into their appointment decisions AT ALL. SLE is purely for the candidates to decide whether or not Academy life is for them. I realize that is is for...
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    End of the School year

    You send them in.
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    Boy's state

    Last year when there was a local informational admissions meeting for USMA I asked the FFR the same question. "If Boys State conflicts with SLE which one should I choose." His answer, "Absolutely Boys State!" He was adamant about Boys State being better. As far as I can tell, the summer...
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    Trouble with scheduling overnight visit??

    I didn't think I had a confirmation email either but once I checked my spam folder, I found that it had been sitting there since the day I requested the tour. Check your spam folder!!!
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    Just toured USAFA

    How do you get a tour of USAFA? I have an appointment and was wondering if do they do more in depth tours for appointees?
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1. kmlDad2020 DS 12/14/2015, Sen Feinstein & Rep McNerney dist.9, CA 2. Replevin DD 12/17/2015 call from Sen Nelson's office, FL 3. FalconsRock DD 12/17/2015, Presidential, Senator McCain and Rep Franks (Dist. 8 AZ) 4. Dallas1 DS 12/23/2015, MOC Nom, FL 5. Cezme DD 12/17/2015, US...
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    No more Principal Nominations.

    In my case, the selection for my Representative was done very well. He used principal noms but for each academy that you wanted a nomination to, you had to be interviewed by a panel of academy grads. There were at least 3 members on each panel and for West Point there were around 10! Being...