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    Can midshipmen have cars?

    My father, who graduated from USNA in '93, told me mids were allowed to have cars during their senior year. Is this true for USMMA as well? If so, who's allowed to have cars?
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    Midshipmen schedules

    Thanks. Wasn't sure how it worked out with trimesters, sea year, etc. My father went to USNA and he told me they had almost a month of summer leave
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    Midshipmen schedules

    Is there a summer break? I saw the ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring on the academic calendar for last year, but that's it.
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    How long is the summer break? Looking at the academic calender all I saw was a week for Thanksgiving, two for Christmas, and one for spring
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    Color testing at USMMA

    When I took my eye exam for DODMERB, I apparently did poor enough on the color test that I needed to complete remedial stuff. I took the same test again and got every single one right. I took the test again recently and missed 2 out of 14. How strict is USMMA when it comes to the color vision...
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    I was hold from December to April and I got my NWL notification in the mail in early January. I've heard that being on hold and being on the NWL is different though, but I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, you'll have to just stick it out until you hear something either way.
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    From my own personal experience on the NWL, they do not tell you your rank and you'll just have to stick it out until your portal updates. What is your application status?
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    Still on Hold

    Definitely. But I would imagine that anybody receiving an offer of appointment after April 15 would be because somebody else denied theirs. I waited on hold for about four months so just hold on, it'll come eventually.
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    Still on Hold

    When I got put on the NWL, I only got a letter in the mail and my portal read, "hold". In my case, my BFE arrived on the same day my portal changed so they must wait to change the portals.
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    the long wait

    Yes. I got wait listed in early January and received my appointment on April 1.
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    Band Co

    Wait. So if I was in band my freshman year, I'm most likely going to end up in Band Co and will have to play???
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    Does anybody know how applying for federal student aid works at USMMA? I applied in mid February and just received my appointment, but I haven't received anything regarding fafsa from USMMA yet. Does anybody know when they generally send financial aid info?
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    USMMA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    My portal changed to Principal Fully Qualified the same day my BFE arrived (April 1).
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    USMMA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1. IBYC sailor DS LOA November 2015 Appointment January 2016 Ma.-06 2. USN1991AZ/DS/No LOA/Appointment Mar 11 2016/AZ Sen John McCain nom/portal update 3. SADetective/DS/LOA Nov. 2015/Appointment Jan. 2016/ Congressional Nom. CA-30 4. jjazzs07/Appointment Jan. 28 2016/ Congressional Nom. IN-03...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    What's in 17 days ?
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    Trouble with portal logging in

    Mine is fine, but I sure hope they're logging appointments!
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    MOC call today

    What was your status before your appointment? I submitted my app last November and got wait listed early January. Hoping my hold status changes sooner rather than later
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    USMMA soccer

    Have you received an appointment?
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    USMMA soccer

    Recruiting for KP is strange because of the small amount of people who actually want to go there and are good enough to to at the collegiate level. Definitely try to get some video this spring. I feel like if the coach thinks you've got a shot at making the team, he'll let you know. I play club...
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    USMMA soccer

    Not yet. I submitted my app in November and got wait listed in early January. Hoping to hear back soon. I'm 3Q'd as well