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    Am current plebe

    Do you ever have scheduled morning PT? Or does everyone just find time on their own to work out?
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    CFA at home

    Has anyone ever taken their CFA at home (driveway, garage, yard) and then ran the mile on the sidewalks after measuring? I had to retake my CFA in my yard and garage because my school was not open at the time my administrator and I planned to carry out the test.
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    Current Plebe at USMA

    how long is winter break usually? spring break?
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    How long for USMA to receive DoDMERB results?

    I completed my medical examination early December and have my optical scheduled for March (I have to wait 90 days for my orthokeratology lens). Will I be notified about qualification separately in regards to each examination or altogether, with the medical and optical combined? I haven't gotten...
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    Thank you! I sent the email.
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    If I currently wear orthokeratology hard lenses, is it 90 days of not wearing them prior to the optometrist exam date or 30 days? I have read different periods of days on different websites and certain offices have said different numbers of days as well. Also, I do not have prescribed backup...
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    congressional nomination

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to make sure about how nominees are appointed. Each congressional district nominates a certain number of candidates to each academy and then the academy only chooses one candidate from the whole slate, right? Or are there times where the academies appoint more than...
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    What kind of questions are asked for the Physical Education SOE? I am kind of worried since I only took PE my freshman year.
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    Anyone needing advice on their application or life at WP

    How many times do you have to complete the IOCT throughout your time there? Sorry, super random question! I am just curious.
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    tips for CFA

    hey everyone! does anyone have any helpful tips on how to improve your pull-ups and basketball throws? I'm still struggling with my pull-ups especially.
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    Hey everyone. My schedule for senior year was just released and I am enrolled in AP Stats even though I had requested AP Calculus. Is it imperative that I have Calculus on my transcript? Or is AP Stats fine if my counselor is unable to rearrange my schedule? (p.s. I have taken honors pre-calc...
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    how to edit profile on portal

    Also, if I have a new SAT score and paid for it to be sent to USMA, will they update that score on my portal on their own? or is there a way for me to update the scores myself?
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    how to edit profile on portal

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to update/edit the extracurricular portion of the profile? I have some things to add and I cannot seem to find an option to edit other than the request to change my personal information. Thank you!
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    Final Advice before Interview

    Glad to hear it went well! Did you just email your FFR asking for an interview? Do you mind elaborating on how you got started? I would like to start early as well...
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    Final Advice before Interview

    may i ask what exactly this interview is for? and good luck!!
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    Nomination Application Free Tips

    A childhood fascination I had and I would relate it to West Point's overall mission But I am hesitant since the essay gives us limited space to write the response. But thank you for the help!
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    Nomination Application Free Tips

    Would it be a bad idea or too cliche to employ a metaphor in the "Why you want to serve" essay?
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    2026 portal opening

    Is it a bad sign if I have not received an official correspondence letter...?
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    FFR interview

    If I have already introduced myself to both my regional commander and FFR last year around the beginning of my junior year, should I keep emailing them to keep in contact? Or should I wait until my application is in progress on the portal?
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    FFR interview

    Yes! I am a 2026 candidate ;) Thank you for the firm advice!