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    College GPA vs High School GPA

    Current reapplicant doing AFROTC at an SMC. I was wondering if I still have a decent shot at USAFA academics wise. I did not do as well as I wanted in my first semester of college. Had an A in all my classes except for three. An A- in chem lab, a B in Chem, and a C+ in calculus. This all...
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    Interview tomorrow

    Current AFROTC cadet here on a four year. I was also offered a commander’s scholarship at my interviewing detachment so I think I did good enough on the interview to give some advice. Prepare to answer a lot of questions that have to do with ethics and diversity particularly about yourself and...
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    Stats for College Reapplicants?

    Thank you! I am currently at a senior military college and on a afrotc scholarship and had good high school leadership so the only thing I'm worried about is my first year engineering courses and having a lower than 3.7gpa.
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    Stats for College Reapplicants?

    Is there anything on the statistics on college reapplicants who get into USAFA? Like how many get in, what the average college GPA was, etc..?
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    I’m an AS100. If I’m not PPQ does that mean I have no chance of flying? Have people that weren’t PPQ their freshmen year ended up as pilots?
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    College Professor Evals

    I'm a college reapplicant and on the candidate guide it said the Academy advises college students to be evaluated by their math and English professors. I know I can get one from my English professor, however, due to my math professor having a very large amount of students in multiple classes as...
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    I'm well aware of how competitive a pilot slot is. The detachment I am attending has a history of cadets going to ENJJPT and flying fighters from UPT. Yes, nothing is a guarantee, and it is going to be hard, but that's exactly why I stated I have a degree to fall back on if that doesn't work...
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    I definitely have considered cyber in the army two issues in joining the army for me: 1: I’m a first gen American with middle eastern parents who generally do not like the military (not specifically the US military, they just don’t like war). To them the Air Force is more technically oriented...
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Alright I added you, probably delete ur message now so ur public info isn’t out there.
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Currently general engineering but my scholarship is for comp sci (all first year comp sci students are general engineer majors) might switch to electrical engineering. I’ll pm you for more details if you want
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Also if you want to talk more about it with me because we are both going to the same detachment I can pm you my info.
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    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Hey there. I'm also an incoming cadet at VT this fall (AFROTC on a scholarship, also out of state). From my understanding, Army ROTC gives out more scholarships compared to the Air Force. But as VisionofConflux said, choose the branch that you feel you'll enjoy the most. VT has tons of...
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    AFROTC Scholarship - Changing major before my fall semester

    I was fortunate enough to receive a four-year type 2 AFROTC scholarship (Tech-CompSci) which I will be using to go to Virginia Tech this fall. After tons of research and talks with my parents and educators I believe it would be in my best interest to change my choice of major to electrical...
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    AFROTC Scholarship upgrade

    Once you accept your scholarship there is a link to a checklist, the list is on the bottom of that checklist.
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    Pilot Question

    From my understanding, they most certainly have changed. There is an extremely high demand for EE in the Air Force right now, many cadets I talked to said a lot of cadets in EE or even ME who weren't rated went into 62E without much of an issue
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    Awarded AFROTC HSSP Scholarships Statistics?

    I feel as if you are so focused on the achievements on your kid that you are losing sight of weaknesses. I say that as someone who was offered a scholarship that had to work my butt off, and in no means am I saying your son didn't. I was weak on my SAT so I worked on it as an example and...
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    AFROTC - Let's FLY!

    PLEASE NOTE: Board results have been delayed with a new projected release of 13 Apr 2021. Please do not contact us regarding the results. We are working diligently to get the results finalized and will release them as soon as possible. Applicants will receive notification via e-mail upon...
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    Would I be able to get a second doctor's opinion if my results are DQing

    I was just updating the post to be accurate so there was no confusion that I sent it out post exam.
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    Would I be able to get a second doctor's opinion if my results are DQing

    Would like to note when I say eye doctor, I meant my examiner
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    Would I be able to get a second doctor's opinion if my results are DQing

    my eye doctor did the book depth perception test and while I think I nailed the number and circle part of it when he asked "what do you see on this page" with a fly with wings hovering above it i stupidly said "a fly" he didn't ask about the wings, so i didn't say anything about them so now I'm...