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    NWL, how do you know

    Christcorp - I follow all of that, but where does medical fit in? Do you only go onto the NWL if you are qualified including medical? Or do they only look at medical after they evaluate your file and determine they want you?
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    Virginia MOC Nomination Updates -SAs Class of 2021

    DS received nomination from Brat (VA 7th) by snail mail Thursday, no from Warner by email Friday, and no from Kaine by snail mail Saturday.
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    iOS and Android apps updated

    Capt MJ - I checked before I updated; the emoji did not show. Now that I updated the app, I see your smiley with teeth. I'm running on Android, so apparently the upgrade has allowed us to cross the communication divide.
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    Rules or Guidelines?

    I am curious about a rebuttal or appeal as well A6E. DS is drafting an email to Larry Mullen as suggested above, but is hesitant to send it as he doesn't like the idea of "jumping to the top", so I am not sure if he will send it. Did your DS try that? Luckily at least 1 waiver authority is...
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    Rules or Guidelines?

    Thanks 5Day. I understood it to be the standard; that is why I am currently surprised. I have an email quoting the reviewer for DS saying even though DS meets the standard, the reviewer wants the waiver authority to know about the condition and consider. I would have thought if you meet the...
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    Rules or Guidelines?

    We are new to all this, and of course now DS is facing a DQ. My question: is the 6130.3 document the list of rules, or is it guidelines? As an example, if 6130.3 says a condition is disqualifying unless the applicant has not experienced the condition in more than 2 years, can DODMERB DQ if the...
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    Virginia MOC Nomination Updates -SAs Class of 2021

    Interview dates offered are Nov 9-16.
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    Virginia MOC Nomination Updates -SAs Class of 2021

    DS received email today to schedule interview for Warner. This would be for USAFA.
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    DoDMERB Medical History questions

    For the website acting funny - try using Chrome. DS had problems using Internet Explorer; called in for support and they told him to try Chrome instead. He said he didn't see that in the instructions, and the lady on the phone said it is SUPPOSED to work for all browsers...but it works better...
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    Virginia MOC Nomination Updates -SAs Class of 2021

    Nothing here yet. But your post did have me running to the mailbox when I got home last night. So in the case of Warner, I will take it as no news is good least for now.
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    Engineering School Rankings - hard to compare

    DS is a junior and would like to go AF, either at USAFA or through ROTC, and would like to major in Aeronautical Engineering (he says; the world can be very clear at 16!). Looking strictly at academics, I'm curious how the engineering programs at USAFA and USNA rank compared to other engineering...
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    Agree with staying for the parent sessions. DS's CVW was our anniversary weekend. Thought we would check out maybe the first session and head out to enjoy the town. So glad we stayed! The 2 panels were amazingly helpful; would not want to miss the morning. The afternoon was good too with an...
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    Life at the Academy

    MombaBomba mentioned being an introvert. Of all the lifestyle requirements of an SA, this is the area that concerns me for DS. He is a true introvert which was described to me once as drawing energy from inside yourself; other DS is an extrovert that gets his energy from interactions with...