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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    Gold=Supe’s list Silver=Dant’s list Bronze=Dean’s list Always asked our mid to wear his stars, but he was very reluctant as his company generally didn’t wear them.
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    Interested in the Naval Academy?

    Just had a few nice conversations with our 2020 mid and wanted to share some of what he said: “Dad, I’ve learned so much here. Not just academically but in every facet of my life. Seriously. I’m a much better person than I was when I got here” “oh, son, you’ve always been a great person!”...
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    Service Selection Class of 2020 is Today

    I will speak on behalf of my mid who just went through the process: he wanted aviation, and went that route. When he arrived on I-day, he wanted subs. He did a sub cruise the summer after plebe year. It was good. He really liked the crew and the officers. He was impressed and felt like they...
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    SMH - Heard of someone who signed a NLI for Navy...

    Meh. A lot of people get through I-Day and then decide it’s not for them. Nothing wrong with that at all. The Academy isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s everything.
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    Plebe summer questions

    There are no atheists in fox holes or during the heat of plebe summer. Air conditioning and a quick nap attracts many. Monte and the Chaplains keep them coming back after plebe summer.
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    Pssssst. Parents for incoming plebes

    Plebe summer isn’t easy. It’s tough for the parents too, but please don’t worry. Statistically, your kids will make it and be fine. Now here is the secret: the education they get is awesome! The experiences they have are amazing. Wait until you see your kid sailing in the summer sun with a...
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    Youngster class schedule. Holy Crap!

    Hmmmmm. I keep seeing these posts. Our mid said he doesn't know what his schedule is and they have only turned in preferences so far and not actually registered for next year yet. Is it done by company and they haven't gotten to his company yet?
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    Am I doing good enough freshman year.

    Take the hardest classes your school offers. Period. Participate in sports, clubs, and activities. Get good grades. Do your best on the ACT. If your score isn't perfect, take it again. That's the only stuff people can tell you. IF you can't manage that, you won't manage the Academy. It's...
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    Best Cellular Provider?

    Standby in this topic. Cell service at Bancroft is undergoing improvement again next week. On the 27th, we'll have a better idea.
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    Prelim App

    Did you put the Academy on your SAT form as one of the schools you want it reported to? They won't accept an email from you. If you didn't put the academy on your form, go to the SAT website and you'll have to pay a few to have the updated score sent to admissions.
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    Where to stay when touring?

    Try the Doubletree. They are outside DTA, but offer a shuttle to the airport and the academy and the prices are great. They also have a great staff
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    Supplies issue

    I'm glad you always found enough to eat. That's nice. That has not been our DS's experience.
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    Supplies issue

    Yeah. If that was the problem, he'd have food. They run out and he eats side dishes and snacks when they get back to the room. The staff in King Hall tell him there is no more when he asks. The food is gone because some take too much. Same thing happened during PS. They didn't get Gatorade...
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    Supplies issue

    Wow. Seeing some of this stuff worries me. Some of this is really old advice from an old parents club website They give the Plebes an air tight container with their issued gear on Iday. You don't need to send one in the first package. Don't worry about sending anything until they get there...
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    denied from all

    Please please please remember this says nothing about your competitiveness as an applicant. These programs are designed to reach under-served groups and regions.
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    Supplies issue

    Send drink mix powder. It gets hoarded by a lot of plebes who take more than their share and then many get absolutely none. So be prepared to send it. Same with food during AC Year. There is never enough. Our plebe has survived on care packages and side-dishes. They have a few who take more...
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    Last year they were post-marked April 11
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    Supplies issue

    Compression shorts and then when it got cold he wanted his running tights from xc
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    NASS. Still haven't heard anything

    Want to see this as @Old Navy BGO's profile picture.
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    Help with Plebe Parents' Weekend 2021 info

    We went round and round about this several places before the 2020 weekend. It's a violation, but inside the hotel and house no one sees them and so that's how they do it. It's up to your mid. They can't walk around the hotel lobby or in town or the halls, but in the hotel room no one knows.