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    Hopefully the last "Who's still CPR" thread

    Just received a twe
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    CPR April 7th

    Congratulations. I hope to hear soon.
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    CPR April 7th

    Also CPR. Just look forward to each day and have hope. There's so many statistics but no one really knows what's going on inside admissions, besides admissions. There are still appointments left, don't give up the ship!
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    Norwich class of 2020

    I also got into Norwich (navy) and my major is going to Cyber Security and Information Assurance
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    Is my AFJROTC Senior Instructor able to conduct my CFA?

    Just wondering if my AFJROTC instructor is able to conduct my test, I have read what it says on the instructions, however, people have had their instructors do it. I would just like to make sure
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    What were your SAT scores and GPA like?
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    Civil Air Patrol versus Naval JROTC

    I do swimming, AFJROTC, and CAP all at the same time with my AP courses. I feel that this is a way to learn how to better my time and management skills; this may also help prepare for the academy as the load does not get lighter.
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    Candidate/Junior Visit Weekend

    Good Luck and I can't wait to go!
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    Candidate/Junior Visit Weekend

    Thank you!
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    Candidate/Junior Visit Weekend

    I will be attending the CVW and I am not sure what to pack for the weekend. I also do not own any khaki pants that fit me and do I bring snacks for the mid or not?