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    NROTC Decisions

    I was notified of a 4-Year Scholarship last Friday Afternoon. It didn't seem like a wave of them went out, since I didn't see anyone else post results on this forum. For everyone else still waiting, I believe there are 2 more boards (April 4-8 and April 18-22) so just keep waiting :)
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    ROTC School Change

    I contacted an NROTC officer at the school where I wanted my scholarship transferred. He was able to tell me that spots were available relatively quickly (via email). I faxed over the scholarship transfer form to NSTC today and within 2 hours, I had been transferred. I'm not sure everyone get...
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    Mid-Year Grades

    Ok Thanks
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    Mid-Year Grades

    Hi all, From what I've read, many candidates have been requested to send in their mid-year (7th semester) grades. However, I haven't been asked to send my grades in. Should I be worried? My academics aren't my strength, but they aren't too bad as well. Thanks for the help.