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    AROTC Aviation

    Yes, I agree! I would love to fly but would also be totally fine with a ground job! I don't plan to go career so from my understanding I would spend a good amount of time flying early on, and maybe my last couple years not so much, which would be fine with me.
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    AROTC Aviation

    Hi all! I am interested in branching aviation. What is the time commitment? I would love to fly but am also cautious to extend my time in, given that at 20/21 it is a lot to commit to. Thanks!
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    Application Status?

    So that means simply means my file hasn’t been fully reviewed yet? I got an update on 7/10 with a letter saying I was competitive but I didn’t get moved to candidate status. I guess what I’m asking is what the difference between competitive applicant and candidate?
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    Application Status?

    I am a first time college applicant to USAFA and put in my PCQ. I submitted it 7/7/18. My portal reads: Your Status: Applicant* (your application is under consideration) Your Application is: Competitive Last reviewed on 7/9/2018 Submitted on: 7/7/2018 What does this mean? What is a...
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    @Wishful is very correct about last minute appointments— my dad received his three days before. That being said, this is very unique, but does happen.
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    College GPA

    Hi all! I am currently in ROTC at a civilian college and am applying to USAFA because I have decided that I want a 24/7 military environment. For my college expierence, I would like to be surrounded with people who value and live a similar lifestyle to what I live. I am finishing up my freshman...
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    Can AROTC nominate to USAFA & USNA?

    Question says it all. My AROTC professor has said he will nominate me for all 3, as I requested, but we are unclear on whether he can only nominate me to USMA or if he can nominate me to other branches. Thanks!
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    Questions about doolie life

    Ha should have clarified-- definitely not married, lol. (I go to a small Christian college and some of my classmates are-- totally off topic but kind of entertaining.) Is there typicially mandatory weekend training? Or is the weekend more or less "yours"? Also, are there opportunities to be a...
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    Gift for Female overnight visit host

    I went to high school in the area and quite a few of my friends are cadettes at USMA. Any of them would enjoy an American Burrito giftcard, WP pizza, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. & of course brownies and such are good! While a gift is not necessary, if it's something you can do it's always a plus...
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    Questions about doolie life

    For girls who are single going in— will USAFA male cadets date the female cadets?
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    release from ROTC contract for SA? Need a ROO!

    Hi all! I've posted this on the SA board, but figured I could probably get better help here. I'm currently a freshman on a 4 year AROTC scholarship planning to apply for the co 2023 at the Air Force Academy. Long story short, I did not apply for the co 2022. I am aware I would have to start...
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    Army ROTC to USMA

    Hi all! I was interested in what happens if you go from an Army ROTC scholarship to USMA. I'm currently a freshman in college on a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, meaning that right now I can "get out" free. BUT, I start incurring a service obligation my sophomore year. I'm trying to get a...
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    Army ROTC to USAFA

    Hello all! I'm currently on a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and am applying for the USAFA co 2023, meaning if I get appointed I will have completed my freshman and sophomore years under the 4 year scholarship. Does a service academy appointment "trump" my ROTC service obligation? I've heard it...
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    SAT "Writing Score"-- Different from Essay?

    Hi all! I am a current high school senior, who will be applying for the class of 2022. Long story short, I didn't apply b/c my parents discouraged me from applying. I'm honestly not sure exactly what I want, but I do know that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so in the mean time I'm...
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    4 year Army ROTC scholarship to Wheaton College, where I will also run track and cross country! I am looking forward to the fall. :)
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    AROTC 2nd Board notifications

    I got a 4 year! Yay! :) Congrats to everyone who received them, and for those who don't... there's always the 3rd board. I'm wondering for some friends... were all the scholarships updated at once? Two of my friends applied and when my status changed (Thursday, I checked at 4) and I texted...
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    AROTC 2nd Board notifications

    Anyone received a board date? My ROO called me and told me to check my dashboard. Wouldn't me anything else for the obvious. Has anyone's status changed? I'm doubting he would have called me if I got passed over, so I'm guessing they just haven't been updated yet. But I want to confirm that...
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    AROTC 2nd Board notifications

    Ahhh soo nervous! Just to second this... One of my friends said she also heard Feb. 9 from the PMS of the school she may attend. I'm hoping she's correct-- I don't want to wait any longer. ;) Best of luck!
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    Chances for Army ROTC Scholarship

    AggieWill, if you don't mind, would you share your son's credentials & types of activities. Huge congrats to your son, I heard they gave out very few on first board.
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    Chances for Army ROTC Scholarship

    Did your DS get a 3 or 4 yr? I'm really hoping for a 4 yr, but I'll take what I can get. XD