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    NROTC Help

    I'm just going to cut to the chase and explain my situation. I recently got accepted into the NROTC program at the college I'll be attending this coming fall. I felt that the Navy program would be better suited for me. Additionally, I want to become a pilot or NFO/WSO upon graduating the...
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    AFROTC Minimum ACT Score Question

    While in the midst of preparing for college, I decided that I will be doing ROTC in the fall. Since I was more focused on applying to SAs, I never applied for any ROTC scholarships. I plan on attending a 4 year college with hopes of receiving an in-college scholarship. My questions is, do you...
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    ROTC and Medical Disqualification

    So I can still be in NROTC but not get commissioned if I never get medically cleared?
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    ROTC and Medical Disqualification

    Not sure how many DoDMERB guru's are on this feed but anyone have an idea on what to do if you were medically DQ'd for an SA but plan to do ROTC? In other words, I was denied from USAFA and plan on doing ROTC. I was medically DQ'd on the account of having asthma until I was 14. I received a...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Received my TWE yesterday. Sad news but I know that this whole experience has truly driven my passion into pursuing a military career. Best of luck to those still waiting.
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    NROTC vs. AFROTC for Pilot Spot

    Which ROTC branch betters your chance of attaining a pilot or NFO spot? I've seen posts similar to this however most were posted before 2009. I plan on doing ROTC in college with the hopes of earning a 3 year scholarship (focused solely on applying to SAs and completely disregarded ROTC...
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    Recruited Athletes Still Waiting?

    No I haven't heard anything yet
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    Recruited Athletes Still Waiting?

    I took my med exam back in November for USAFA so I guess I don't really fit in that group
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    Recruited Athletes Still Waiting?

    When you guys say the DoDMERB email, what exactly are you referring to? Is it something saying your were excepted?
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    Recruited Athletes Still Waiting?

    Any recruited athletes who are still waiting to here back from the academy? Talked to the coach about a week ago and he was completely awestruck that I hadn't had a decision made. Also, does anyone know how many appointments are remaining? I know how close it's getting to 4/1 so I am incredibly...
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Sounds like 3 offers came through today. Anyone else heard back within the last 2-3 days?
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    CGA to Navy?

    As I have ventured through the process of applying to the academy, I've talked to loads of people who say things that tend to contradict with other things. One question that I've pondered the most (and have yet to receive a non contradicting answer for) is whether or not you can go into the Navy...
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    What was your ACT?

    Thank you everyone for the responses and especially the ones who answered the question of the score they got. The question was geared more towards those who are currently attending or graduated and what they had to get in. I was only curious because my ACT wasn't as good compared to my almost...
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    What was your ACT?

    Just trying to get an idea of what people scored on their ACT that got them an appointment for the academy. Any help is greatly appreciated.