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    Prep Options

    Wow Adam. You sure have a chip on your shoulder son. If you are able to whip yourself into shape between now and 30 June in order to try to make it at Kings Point, you should try to room with JMoney457. I think you two would get along famously. Gish out.
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    California Candidates

    Swabthedecks: Yes. The appointment letter gives the appointee three options: 1) Accept; 2) Decline; defer decision to accept or decline to no later than "the Candidate Acceptance Date of 01 May."
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    California Candidates

    Congrats to you and your DS flyinfin!!!
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    California Candidates

    Hang in there. A number of those who have received offers of appointment still have until 1 May to either formally accept or decline. After that you may see a number of those on "hold" receive offers. Good luck!