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    Plebe haircut

    I remember it being two or three times, not including the shave they give you on I-Day. As you get deeper into Plebe Summer you'll come to cherish these haircuts, as they kill so much time that you could be spending in your company area.
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    Giving Back: 2021 Plebe Q&A

    Current Plebe, and I second this. Plebe Summer running absolutely destroyed my shins because I didn't prepare as much as I should have. Shin splints are not something you want to miss training for.
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    Induction Day events schedule for the class of 2021

    Not sure if I'm late to the party here, but I did find a schedule for this year's I-Day.
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    CIS Class of 2021

    I also would like the password please
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    Plebe Sponsor Questionnaire

    Me too please?
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    I found that it was mentioned in a PTR Important Information booklet from a previous class. What it says is that once you fill out the card you mail it in the white envelope with the red PAO stamp on it.
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    Quick question. Would it be a wise idea to open a checking account on the application in the PTR? I only ask because my father suggested waiting for a few months before opening a checking account, while my mother thinks I should open one as soon as possible. I thought I'd come to the forum to...
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    PTR paperwork - Medical Record - Supplemental Medical Data form

    What about the Mantoux Skin Test form? After I had my skin test read and recorded on the yellow immunization record, I noticed on the checklist that we have to have a separate form that our doctor has to provide as proof that the skin test was performed. Is the section on the yellow immunization...
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    Glasses Prescription Expired

    I went to the eye doctor today to have the spectacle form in the PTR filled out with my prescription just to find out that it had expired. I'm up for another eye exam this coming Tuesday. Do I need to let anyone (USNA, DoD, etc.) know of this? If so, how should I proceed?
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    SGLI Term life question

    I have what may be a silly question regarding the SGLI form. In the About You box, it asks for rank and branch. Considering that we're not technically Midshimen yet, do we leave those boxes blank?
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    Update: just got mine in North Carolina
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    Still a no from North Carolina
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    Permit Report packet

    I hear that most will receive theirs by mid to late April.
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    Appointed candidate visit

    My BGO hooked me up with a second CVW this week. Not sure if that's the same thing, but it can't hurt to ask
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    Taekwondo team?

    White belt in Judo, First degree black belt in Hapkido. I picked up Judo at the end of my sophomore year of high school, and steered clear of competition to avoid serious injury while dealing with academy applications. I also wrestled in middle school and my freshman year of high school!
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    Taekwondo team?

    Is there the possibility of cross-training between the Jiu Jitsu team and the Judo team if time allows? To be more specific, will coaches be alright with that happening?
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    What to expect in Naval Academy Summer Seminar?

    Wow, I thoroughly apologize for forgetting to mention the CFA! I can't believe I forgot about that! Yes, PLEASE prep for the CFA, because it counts towards your application!
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    What to expect in Naval Academy Summer Seminar?

    Really all you have to do is make sure you're in good shape for morning PEP every day and the mock Sea Trials at the end of your session. Other than that, be prepared for a lot of meetings, fun classes, and ask as many questions as you can while you're there. Prior to my CVW and USNA Summer...
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    Knee Pain Post-Appointment

    Wasn't sure where else to post this, but I'm in a little bit of a predicament. I've received appointments to USAFA and USNA and I already accepted USNA. I'm a Judoka, and the sport tends to involve a lot of pivoting and lifting, making it a bit hard on the knees. Since a few days ago, I've...