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    AFSC Question

    It definitely plays role but I don't remember the exact percentage off the top of my head. Just remember FA, commanders ranking, and GPA play a role too. If you lack in one spot you can make it up in another. Finished bottom third but got a pilot spot I don't think FT is accurate at assessing...
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    What to wear to AFROTC class

    Just commissioned from AFROTC, dress to impress. Get the slacks. It's your first day and you can probably recover from a bad first day but you can avoid simple mistakes like this.
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    Friend's GF Is Pregnant: Retain Scholarship?

    In AFROTC, I believe it can get you disenrolled. I knew a guy who commissioned with a child but never told anyone He now flies the A10
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    AFROTC 2018 Rated Boards

    So I'm currently a senior with a pilot slot. Originally I was RPA and in literally a week, I went to CSO, then pilot. This happened middle of April and I commission in June. Needs of the air force and some luck. Moral of the story don't give up, there's always a chance. Point number two: my...
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    Official 2016 AFROTC POC Selection Process Thread

    Yup EAs dropped today! Probably won't find out til tomorrow though
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    So I just got back my AFOQT results from a November 21st date. I failed one section. I'm considered a 250 and I was wondering, is it possible to still get a field training slot? Can they use the SAT scores instead? Or did I just shoot myself in the foot? Any advice or help would be greatly...